Keep the Fire Burning with an Intimate Christmas Stocking for Your Significant Other

Christmas preparations seem like they go on forever.  With all the hustle and bustle, running to and fro, shopping, cooking, wrapping and parties, we’re exhausted at the end of the days.  I really feel like the fire, lights and music of the season create an intimate Christmas and should bring couples closer together rather than have them fall into bed in flannel pjs and snoring after five minutes!

I’ve been married for 21+ years, it isn’t always easy to keep that ‘fire burning’ (kwim!), but I think a Christmas stocking filled with products that can foster an intimate evening is something that you can give your spouse after the kids are all in bed Christmas Eve and Santa has put their gifts under the tree.

So here are some items that you could put in it that just might make Santa’s cheeks get a little rosier, but will keep you and your partner smiling on Christmas morning even while you’re cutting those annoying twist ties off all the packages and trying to find the right size batteries to insert into your kids’ new toys.intimate Christmas

K-Y Yours+Mine Warming Couples for Him and Her

So the word lubricants in a blog post…awkward…but really couples need not be embarrassed about buying or using them.  They help you recharge and reconnect and the whole idea is to enjoy the evening, right?!  This specific lubricant set is designed to excite and delight, and what better Christmas gift for both of you could there be?  Don’t let the Christmas gingerbread be the only thing that spices up your relationship.

Body Butter

Give your partner a sensual massage with some body butter.  Find a scent that appeals to you both (vanilla or sandalwood are good ones since they are considered aphrodisiacs).  There’s just nothing sexier than a loving massage to get you ready for intimacy.

Some Wine

Who doesn’t get in the mood for love when presented with wine?  Little single bottles are small enough to fit in a stocking and is just the right amount to feel relaxed but not so much that it will put you to sleep!

Intimate Christmas


Whether any of the studies are true on if chocolate increases desire, I say include it 😉  I mean really feeding each other chocolate is a pretty intimate experience and it’s chocolate. What’s not to love about that?!

Scented Candle

Create some ambiance with the lighting.  If you’re comfortable in your living room and don’t have to worry about the pitter patter of little feet, light the fireplace.  If you’re sticking to the bedroom, light some scented candles.  Keep in mind the scents again, and choose something that will enhance the mood you are trying to create.

Music Gift Card

Whatever your preferred platform is, include a gift card in the stocking and then pick out a playlist together of songs that set the mood.  Create your own digital “Mix Tape” of music that sets the background to the intimacy you hope to achieve.

Intimate Apparel

Pick yourself up a chemise and matching thong, a bralette, or a pair of panties that you know your significant other will think are sexy.  Great thing about lingerie.. it’s tiny and fits into a stocking well!

Intimate Christmas

Add Some Toys

I’m not talking about rubber duckies here folks 😉  I think this category, like lubricants, is often also neglected because of the embarrassment stigma that goes with it.  Even if you have a great relationship – in and out of the bedroom – adding sex toys to the mix creates an element of excitement and fun to your sex life.

Once your partner empties their intimate Christmas stocking you can both enjoy the loot inside with a night of lovemaking.  Slow down and enjoy before the rush of Christmas morning and all of its chaos.

3 thoughts on “Keep the Fire Burning with an Intimate Christmas Stocking for Your Significant Other

  1. I’m thinking in most cases you should definitely go with the safe picks of chocolate and wine… but you know your own relationship best, so you would know whether or not they’d appreciate getting things like lingerie and lubricants as gifts or not. Some women might get quite offended since they would see that as “buying gifts for yourself”.

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