Indian Saris that Never Go Out of Fashion

Indian saris have an evergreen charm and elegance that can never match any other outfit. Indian saris are always in vogue. The world of fashion is a dynamic one and has witnessed innumerable changes, but one thing that remains constant is the continuing popularity of saris. Saris lend an incredible grace to your personality.

Styles come and go. Indian women often fall in and fall out of love with salwar suits, churidar kameez, anarkalis, lehengas, ghagras and even western outfits like skirts & tops, jeans & shirts, dresses, palazzos etc. But the quintessential Indian woman would remain ever faithful to saris. Like olden days sarees are not the staple outfit for all Indian women today, but it is still the most preferred formal wear and is worn during festivals, weddings and other special occasions.

To keep the popularity of the 6 yards of unstitched fabric intact, modern day designers are coming up with innovative designs and versions of sarees such as lehenga sarees or the sari-gowns. Here are a few of the Indian saree types that would never lose their charm and would be forever in demand.

Indian Saris


Kanjivarams are heavy silk sarees that have intricate golden thread work or zari work in eye-catching motifs and vibrant colors. These rich sarees are usually worn during festivities and wedding ceremonies. These sarees originated in a place called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. The famous Indian actress Rekha always makes a public appearance in rich Kanjivarams and looks really beautiful and sensuous.

Banarasi Silk

These are heavy satin or silk sarees that are weaved in the holy city of Banaras in Uttar Pradesh. These are the typical bridal wear among the Bengalis. These saris would typically have intricate jewelry or floral patterns in zari all over.

Pure Silk

Pure silk saris are truly evergreen and would never cease to be in fashion. These saris are known for light weight, smooth texture and attractive designs and prints. The printed silks could be worn to office and are ideal for daywear. However, pure silks with an elegant zari border and pallu are ideal for evening parties.


Chiffon saris are worn by many Bollywood stars and celebrities as they are truly lightweight and really elegant. Any actress working with Yash Raj banner would be sure to be draped elegantly in a mind-blowing chiffon sari. These attractive saris are just right for the Hindi film romantic song sequences in the really mystic hills of Europe and Kashmir. Every Indian woman must have chiffon saris in her wardrobe, as they drape wonderfully giving you a slimmer appearance. Chiffons could be worn as perfect day wear or even evening wear.

Designer Saris

These are marvelous creations of highly talented and creative designers. These saris are extremely versatile. These come in exclusive designs, rich embroidery and exotic textures and usually in single pieces, mostly no copies are found. You could wear designer saris in weddings and festivals. These could be pretty expensive depending on the designer labels.


This is the latest version of the sari. The truly creative Indian couturiers have been successful in updating the conventional bridal wear in the form of the sari-gowns. You could find exclusive sari-gown online that are known to be a unique blend of the sari’s classical structure and a smart truly functional zipped-up gown.

Bengal Handloom or Tant Saris

Tant sarees are very popular in Bengal and an average Bengali girl would be having at least 50 such sarees. These cotton sarees that are woven by highly skilled handloom workers in the state of West Bengal in India, are just right for all occasions. These come in pastel shades as well as vibrant hues. Daily wear tant sarees come in solid colors with contrasting zari borders. The Phulia dhakai sarees are rich tant sarees with intricate butis and motifs all over. Durga Puja in Kolkata is incomplete without women wearing fabulous tants with matching jewelry and a large red bindi.

Indian Saris

Baluchuri or Swarnachuri

These rich hand-woven tussar or silk sarees have pallus and borders with mythological scenes weaved into the texture in contrasting silk or zari threads.

Kantha Stitch

These are silk or tussar saris that come with intricate hand embroidery, done by rural women, mostly all over the sari. This are extremely popular and tourists love kantha saris particularly those that originate in Bolpur, West Bengal in India.


Sambalpuri saris come in both cotton and silk with traditional motifs such as chakra (spoked-wheel), phool (flower) and sankha (shell). These are rich traditional saris that could be worn on all occasions.


These colorful saris come in chiffon, georgette, cotton and silk and are from Rajasthan in India. These fascinating creations are actually, tie-and-dye products known for a splash of colors.

Half and Half

This is the hot favorite sari of the current generation. Half the saree would be in some prints, colors, or texture while the other half would have contrasting colors or different textures or motifs. The pallu essentially differs from the pleats in color, patterns or texture. This is a contemporary sari and often referred to as a new-generation sari.

Lehenga Sari

These are mostly designer sarees that have their pallus and pleats stitched in such a way that the sari drapes like a lehenga. Very much in demand by the youngsters and are worn chiefly during festivals and weddings.

Author Bio: Manisha Oberoi is a fashion designer known for her unique designs and styles. She presents several creative versions of the traditional saris. She recommends exclusive collection of sari-gown online for the fashion-conscious teenagers.

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