Your Taste Buds Will Love You for Trying Out These Cuisines

One reason people love traveling is food. If you are a foodie then you probably do love traveling as well, even if it is within your city. You can get to check out a whole lot of fancy places while at the same time taking your taste buds on a tour of their own trying out different tastes. People who love food will definitely want to try specific cuisines at least once in their lifetime. Why would you want to travel to eat and not just make the food in your home? Well, some things are just unique to certain places you cannot make them as excellently as the natives of the place.

Food and drink you must try out

The world is so diverse and teeming with a whole lot of fantastic opportunities that you would definitely want to try out. These opportunities include dining and drinking experiences that you would want to try out at least once in your lifetime. Some of these popular foods and drinks from around the world include:

     1.  Provoleta and Locro

Provoleta is a kind of cheese that is native to Argentina while Locro is an awe-inspiring stew from the same place. You can never say that you were in Argentina if you have not tried out these two at least the Locro. This stew is made from corn, squash, beans and meat. It is delightful to say the least.


    2.  Chocolate

There are three places that you will want to try out chocolate from: Ghana, Peru and Brazil. If you are one of those people who just cannot do without chocolate then you will be tempted to move to one of these places when you retire- believe it or not.

   3.  Champagne

Who does not love a good wine? Champagne is one of the best. A visit to the Champagne region of France is going to do great good if you are one of those people who strongly love this drink. New York is also a good place to try out good champagne and maybe take home an amazing champagne cocktail recipe from Andre Champagne.


4.  Masala fish and Seekh Kebab

These are from India. Indian cuisine is renowned across the globe for its amazing spiciness. The masala fish is going to keep you wanting more while you are in India. The seekh kebab also makes it at the top of the list for people who love kebab.

foods and drinks from around the world

5.  Pilau and Mursik

Pilau is a Swahili rice dish that is very common in the coastal towns of East Africa. While you are in Kenya, Tanzania or Zanzibar, you should try this meal. The best place to try it out is at the coast because no one can make it any better than the coastal people. Mursik is a traditional drink that is based on milk from the Western highlands of Kenya. This drink will leave you taste buds feeling assaulted by flavor.

Pilau Rice

These are five very simple but amazing dishes from various parts of the world mainly South America, Africa, Europe and India. You will definitely want to try them out. It is hard not to like them.

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