I Need to Order Some Custom Trophies for Our Daughter…

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Regular readers of my blog will know that our family is trying to move to Texas. I say trying because we’ve had our home on the market for nearly seven months now, and we can’t move until we sell it. Besides that though, things are going great.

To catch up those of you who may not know about this ongoing saga, our daughter wants to attend UTD next year to get an arts & technology degree, and since my husband can just switch his location to one in the DFW area and we have no family or roots here, we decided it would be a good time to move South. We get to stay close to our daughter and get a warmer climate – she gets to stay close to mom and dad but still have that independent campus living. A win/win for everyone.

There was one unknown in the process – and that was whether she would score high enough on the PSAT to be eligible for National Merit Scholar, for which UTD gives a full four year scholarship …and now I think I have to order her some Custom Trophies because she got a

For those of you unaware of just what that score means:  15 million high school juniors write the PSAT each year. In order to make it as a semi-finalist, you have to score in the top 1% of your state. Here in South Dakota the last few years that would have amounted to around a 204-207 out of a score of 240. Last year the highest score you needed in any state was a 221. Hence a 226, is quite remarkable. Yes it’s a proud mama moment and I wasn’t going to brag, but really if I can’t brag about that on a ‘mom blog’ what can I brag about?!

She won’t be officially named as a semi-finalist until I think September – and there are still a few hoops to jump through to be named a National Merit Scholar, the SAT to write, an essay, and a really good referral letter from a teacher/leader/mentor – but we’re not terribly worried about those things. We’re keeping an eye on dates and forms so that we can submit everything in a timely manner.

So while originally we were concerned that we would have to be down in Texas this coming fall to secure resident rates for her schooling in 2014, we can now breathe a bit of a sigh of relief that we can hold out a bit longer and wait for an offer to come in on our home before we have to move.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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