Are You a Fix-it Felix?

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We’ve been fortunate in that we’ve had pretty good luck with the appliance we’ve purchased for our homes.

Not too long ago though I was doing some laundry in the evening and had some bed sheets in the dryer. I have a very sensitive sense of smell and thought that I could smell something burning. My husband couldn’t smell it though, so I tried to shake it off. Then when he got closer to the laundry room he said he could smell it too. So I went in, and the top of the dryer was blisteringly hot.

I quickly turned it off. But we don’t know much about being Fix-it Felix’s so after a couple of attempts to see if the vent was clogged on the outside of our home we gave up and called a duct cleaning company to see if they could figure out what was wrong.

We have a Frigidaire washer and dryer, and what I didn’t know was that they are actually a division of Electrolux. The duct cleaning guys poked around and while they said they couldn’t find anything clogging the vents, the dryer did start working normally again after that. They did mention though that it could be a temperamental inner part, that could be switched out. Which got me thinking that with a few YouTube videos and some electrolux spare parts, we just might be able to fix it ourselves if it went on the fritz again.

I’m glad that appliance accessories from cleaning supplies to filters and installation supplies are available to purchase online, if one is handy or does a bit of diy research, it’s a much more affordable option than calling a company in to fix it for you.

Is anyone in your home or family handy enough to fix a broken appliance with spare parts?

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7 thoughts on “Are You a Fix-it Felix?

  1. So so scary. My husbands home burnt down when he was a child due to an electrical problem on the dryer. It sparked and started the fire. My husband fixes everything in the home, cars and everything he possibly can before we call repairmen.

  2. Sometimes my husband likes to think he is, however, we usually end up calling the professionals! lol

  3. I am lucky to be married to Mr. Fix It and not Tim the Toolman. The labor cost are outrageous when you call in a repairman.

  4. my husband is pretty good about fixing stuff,or at least he tries,,but he usually does well an saves us a ton

  5. My husband barely knows how to turn a screwdriver, much less fix an appliance! My brother in law can fix anything, so we usually just call him for help!

  6. Our money is so tight that we have no choice to fix whatever breaks by ourselves. My husband is really good at fixing things and I am beyond thrilled that you can find videos on how to fix things on youtube!

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