Everything You Need to Know About Tutoring (But Didn’t Think to Ask)

Do you have a school aged child? Then words like ‘STEM’ and ‘Common Core’ might make you shudder a bit. Like it or not, they both have a major role in today’s educational system and many parents these days feel inadequate to deal with some of those subjects.

To give you a quick background, Common Core was established to develop nationwide educational expectations in language arts/English and math subjects right from Kindergarten through to 12th grade. It puts an emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving, which is a great thing for our children to be learning. However parents who were taught the same subjects differently often find their children’s homework questions confusing.

With new techniques being used to teach the new standards, parents, and therefore their children can feel frustrated when trying to work them out together.

Here in the Dallas area, some school districts will be starting classes in just a couple of weeks. Summer is almost over and if you’re a parent who is wondering how you’re going to make sure your child is adapting to these new standards, you may want explore the possibility of tutoring.

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How to Make the Smart Tutor Choice

Maybe there has been buzz around the playground or at your local moms meet ups where tutors have been either heartily praised or fervently denounced.  So what exactly should you look for in a tutor?

Put simply you are going to want to find a tutor who works with your child’s learning style and personality to maximize learning. By building skills and confidence that’s when your child will have those “Aha” moments.

You will want to employ a tutoring service where satisfaction is guaranteed.  Just because you are not the one teaching the skills to your child, you still want to be involved in the process.  Collaborate with the tutor to identify the goals you want your child to reach.   Make sure you hire a service that provides regular check-ins and progress reports of your child’s sessions.  All of these things will help set your student up for success.


Life is busy.  With work, school, sports, music, church; one of your obstacles on hiring a tutor for your child might be, “When are we going to find time to drive our child to a tutoring facility?”  Have the tutor come to you.  A good tutoring service is willing to work around your family’s schedule, not theirs.  Ensure the company performs background checks on their tutors.  When tutors will work with your student in your own home you will have flexible scheduling, allowing your family to make the most of your child’s hard work.

Apollo Tutors is a Dallas area tutoring service that does all of those things.  Their tutors know what students need to learn best.  It’s never too early to hire a tutor.  Apollo Tutors works with children as young as 3 years old.  They have one-on-one academic tutoring for K-12 as well as college prep for SAT and ACT.  They even have tutors for college courses.  Check out this site to find a tutor and set up a consultation:  https://apollotutors.lpages.co/find-tutor/. 

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