Why Investing in Education Means So Much More in 2018

In 2018, the Singapore government’s total investment in education has been projected to be at about $12.8 billion, a significant increase from last year’s $12.5 billion. Education has always been one of the major industries with major financial backing from the government, primarily because it is the most basic factor to creating a well-oiled and […]

Everything You Need to Know About Tutoring (But Didn’t Think to Ask)

Do you have a school aged child? Then words like ‘STEM’ and ‘Common Core’ might make you shudder a bit. Like it or not, they both have a major role in today’s educational system and many parents these days feel inadequate to deal with some of those subjects. To give you a quick background, Common […]

The National Videogame Museum Announces Educational Scholarships For High School Students

Many of you know that our daughter is starting her senior year of college today and she’ll be graduating in spring with a degree in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication, majoring in Video Game Design.  She worked hard in high school and through the last three years of college to get and keep a full scholarship […]

Tips for Football Season Math

Football fans everywhere are excited that their favorite teams are back in action. And, according to Laura Overdeck, mother of three and founder of the Bedtime Math national online community, football season is a great time for parents to encourage young football fans to enjoy math.

Several of Laura’s football math suggestions are below.

1. Measure yards. Just about everything in football is measured in yards. The field is divided into 10-yard increments, and passes, runs, and the distance