Disney’s Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Crib Toy Vlog

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Certain products just don’t do well to written reviews. You have to ‘see’ the product in action to truly get a feel for if you’d consider purchasing it …or not.

Last week, I got a Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Crib Toy in the mail for review. Which I think would be a fantastic gift to give to a new mom or add to your registry. But if you’ve ever looked at one of these types of products in the store, you don’t really get the full effect of what it can (or can’t) do, so if you’re looking for a crib toy for your new addition or for a gift, I hope you’ll get something out of this vlog review.

Here are some additional thoughts on both my vlog AND the product itself.

• On the last setting of the 4, I had said that it has motion and ocean sounds – I did correct myself in the vlog but want to clarify that that setting is ‘just’ ocean sounds; no lights, no motion.

• Also on the volume…there are three settings, louder, quieter and then the last setting is OFF. I’m not quite sure that my tongue and brain were in synchronous action when I videoed that part – in the vlog it sounded…not quite coherent …

• Upon taking the product out of the box, I noticed that there were scratches on the clear plastic covering. There was also some scratching ON the box film as well, so I’m assuming it didn’t fare well in shipping transit and got banged around a lot.

crib toy

box film

That being said, if you purchase this…take a look at the box in the store and make sure it’s not scratched up on the surface, or the clear plastic on the toy might be too. Also be aware that once the toy is installed in the crib, due to use, that it’s quite possible that it will get scratched up because of the child kicking/touching it to turn it on and off, or other objects coming in contact with it (other hard toys especially).

If you’re interested in purchasing Disney’s Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother crib toy – you can learn more about it at www.babyeinstein.com and buy it on Amazon.com.

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post; Baby Einstein sent me the crib toy for review. Opinions are my own.

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