Discover the Origin and Importance of Fashionable Luxury Watches

A luxury watch performs three main responsibilities in the life of its owner. It is first and foremost a watch that they use to tell the time. It is also a decorative item that is worn to make the owner look attractive. Last but not least, it is a statement. It tells the world that the owner is successful in life. There are many dealers of high-end luxury watches for example


Brief history of the luxury watches business

In the 1980s, there were many Swatch watches. Due to the strength of the brand and the quality of the watches, they were considered collectibles. They were bought and sold through that decade and into the 1990s. Many watch traders established companies to buy and sell these collectibles for example Seth Grossman who established a company known as Global Trading for this purpose.

There was a burgeoning demand for these original Swatch watches in Europe. Some of the traders who discovered this and exploited it were able to make fortunes and grow their companies.

The traders ventured into cyberspace to sell the luxury watches when the Internet made e-commerce possible. One of the popular locations where they would sell the watches is eBay. However, many realized that a business website offers better value. That’s how today’s online luxury watch traders came to be.

Characteristics of a professional luxury watch dealer

Each dealer of new and pre-owned luxury watches has their own unique style. However, there are some characteristics that appear in professional establishments. Firstly, they always take photos of the watches at their respective stores. They do not download pictures of the watches and post them on their websites.

Professional traders of luxury watches also offer vintage, current and even discontinued watches. This is so that they can appeal to a wide market of clients. These traders understand that the owners of these watches maintain them with love and care. As such, they offer a trade-in opportunity for their clients. If you currently own a high-end luxury watch, you can go and trade it in for a new one of the same value.

The staff at the stores work hard to ensure that they are ethical, authentic and honest as they serve you.  These professional traders often have teams of staff cooperating to serve a single client. This is done to ensure that the client gets the best treatment possible.

They only stock watches from respected manufacturers. Examples of these are;

1. Rolex
2. Swatch
3. Patek Philippe
4. IWC
5. Breguet
6. Audemars

Descriptions of some of these respected watch brands

One of the brands that professional luxury watch traders have is Rolex. It is a Swiss brand that began in 1905. This company worked to popularize wristwatches as the replacement of pocket watches. Well known for their innovations, Rolex is responsible for the first waterproof watch. They also made the first automatic date watch and the first divers’ watch.

Breguet is another brand that can be found in the stores of professional luxury watch dealers. It was started in 1775. The French brand is responsible for the first self-winding watch. They also made the first tourbillon and were also the first to integrate moon phases in their watches.


A luxury watch is a good investment. It lasts forever and can even be made into a family heirloom. Only buy high-end watches from respected dealers, for example Their professionalism is unparalleled.

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