Things To Look Out For When Selecting a Tour Guide

When you book a vacation, at a certain place that you are not fully familiar with, you are likely to consider having a tour guide to help you around the new location. Trying to learn your way around a city or town, you have never been before, and learning the new cultures can be a tough process, you may have to refer a lot to a map or a translation manual that you have, and you won’t be able to enjoy the vacation you planned for. Having a tour guide will allow you and your companions to enjoy the whole trip, and get to learn new things in a convenient and fun way. If hiring a private guide seems quite expensive, for your budget, you can easily opt to join a group tour, where there will be more of you and you will be able to enjoy the experience in a group setting, which can also be enjoyable.  In addition one will be able to mingle with other tourists from other places as well. A tour guide will help you, maximize on the time spent during the vacation, and provide good means of transport to reach all the tourist attractions. You also don’t have to sign up for a commitment for multiple days, just do a half day schedule to get to learn your way around and you can later be independent. Here are some tips in finding the right guide:

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  1. Find a guide who is passionate.

You will notice almost immediately, the difference between a guide who is passionate about showing you around the place and one who is just trying to get extra money. Finding a passionate guide will guarantee that you will begin to appreciate and love the place as much as the guide does. You will learn reasons behind certain cultures and also the history of different places. A passionate guide, will treat you with the warmth a visitor receives, and will give clear insight on different subjects that you might be wondering about.

  1. Get a knowledgeable person to be your guide.

Finding a guide that knows the facts and stories, behind different places like the ocean city broadwalk and even monuments, can make your tour become very interesting. A good tour guide will also introduce personal experiences for better clarity of subjects and even just to create humor. It can be very boring to have a tour guide, who just narrates history that was received during the training of the job. Observing how the guide interacts with fellow citizens will also show you the character of the individual.

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  1. Hire a guide who knows how to have fun.

A guide should know how to engage you in the culture of the place. If there is a dance festival going on, the guide should take the lead in showing you how the local people dance and celebrate different festivals. This will help you, to not only observe and record the cultures, but as well be part of them.


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