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I am so glad to see the strides that are being made to get Covid-19 under control.  Our county has been a well oiled machine when it comes to vaccinations!  While I am thankful that I am in neither the 1A or 1B categories to receive a vaccine since that means I’m in all around good health, it also means that I’ll be wearing a mask for quite a while yet.  As may many of you might be.  The Mask Me App is a fun way to design, purchase, and share a custom face mask!  It’s a great way to express yourself for a bit more personal mask wear.

Mask Me is available on the Apple App Store.  The app is very easy to work with and ordering was simple.  It opens to the camera and allows you to design and purchase your own custom face mask.  One of the really neat things is that you can get a mask with your own face on it.  It also allows you to upload any image and have it printed.   

While I did try out the selfie feature in the app (it’s really pretty cool),

custom face mask

I ended up choosing to upload an image to use for my completed mask.

I was extremely impressed with the quality and service of Mask Me.  My order arrived super fast. 

The 2-ply cotton/polyester mask is made from super soft washable fabric and has a filter pocket.  The mask does come with toggle adjusters and a 1 PM 2.5 filter.  

The colors of the sublimation from the design I uploaded were spot on too. The fit is unisex for both males & females.  It is a large mask though and I’m fairly petite.  I personally don’t get a snug fit but I have a small face.  So it would be nice if they added other sizes to the app in the future.  (Note you can get kids’ size on their website).  I did wear it for a couple of hours the other day, we had to go out after this crazy Texas storm to get groceries, and found it comfortable. 

custom face mask

The masks are $20, but when you buy a custom face mask, Mask Market also donates one, and they are made here in the USA.  I would definitely recommend this product to others.  You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @USAMaskMarket.  Use HOLIDAY10 in the coupon code box to save 10%.

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