Top 4 Small Bedroom Decoration Tips for 2021

New year comes with a new set of decorating rules. It can be quite challenging to when furniture and additional amenities take up a lot of space. However, when you use accessories and light fixtures in the right way, the final look can tell a cohesive story of comfort and style. Take a look at the list below to see what trends you should keep an eye out for.

Focus on the Walls

You can show off your by using walls as your canvas. Find an accent wall in the room that will add more dimension and depth to the room design. If you don’t feel like it, you don’t need to cover the entire wall with paint, sometimes it’s enough to find a smaller nook and make it more vivid and fun, perhaps with the aid of a bold and bright wallpaper that serves as a contrast to the room color scheme or a opt for a giant painting to bring in personality to the room.

Throw Pillows

Contrary to popular belief, dark colors won’t necessarily make the bedroom look smaller than it actually is. If you opt for interesting accessories such as throw pillows, they can be sharpened by a distinctive wall paint. Mash up different pillow prints and mix larger scaled patterns with smaller ones to give your room a finishing touch. In a traditional setting, you could match the shade of your pillows with the wall color, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, choose a color that is the total opposite of your wall color scheme. For instance, the in the shade navy blue would present a charming contrast to the mustard throw pillow ensemble. These sheet sets are eco-friendly and soft due to a thin layer of sateen weave that looks aesthetically pleasing and is used to ensure your utmost comfort.

Use Surface Space

Surface space is your friend. In order to visually make a small place larger, don’t overcrowd the room with shelves, light fixtures or too many wall paintings. To avoid cramping up the room that is small to begin with, don’t add more shelves or storage drawers but make use of what you already have. For instance, your desk or the space underneath the bed can be used as extra storage. You have to be inventive about your storage and strategically place your belongings in built-in drawers that are a great place for displaying art and decor, instead of stuffing the room with additional shelves and boards. You could even opt for a bed-frameless approach and put books, lamps or plant pots on the floor where everything is more simple and streamlined.


Have fun with different colors, shapes, prints and jazz up the space with mirrors that mimic the natural light. When a room is abundant with light it appears bigger and brighter, and adds more layers to the room. Instead of sticking to plain, white walls or a similar neutral color palette, both natural and artificial light contribute to the airy atmosphere and set the mood for sleeping and relaxing. Whether you opt for leaning a modern mirror against the wall or hanging it on the wall to create a natural focal point that will draw attention to it, mirrors are a great way to play with the illumination. Also, place your bed against the window to create the with the aid of natural light protruding into the room.

Nobody wants to spend time in an overwhelming and claustrophobic place without enough light and brightness. This can affect your mood and sometimes even be the cause of your restlessness or inability to easily fall asleep. Embrace the size of the space you spend time in and decorate it according to your personal preferences and style. Tell us more about your small space design secrets in the comment section below!

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