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#DialNutriskin for Smooth Spring Skin #CBias

Do you notice how your skin changes with the seasons? For myself it happens mostly in the winter months. The wind and cold chaps everything that’s exposed and then some! My skin can get so dry that when I towel off after showering, it’s like I’m a snake and my skin sheds. Kind of like this…

It can be tough to find a lotion that you feel works with your body chemistry, your preference in scent or texture and that won’t break your pocket book.

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Soft Skin In Just 3 Days – Dial Nutriskin Lotion Giveaway

Winter is fast approaching, and for me that means dry skin.  Lotion is a product that gets used more often around my home when the cold and wind tends to cause rough, chapped skin.  I received a coupon to redeem for a free sample of Dial NutriSkin lotion so I could experience its benefits for myself.

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Dial Diaries: Me Time

It’s week 4 of the Dial® Healthier You program, I really can’t believe I first posted nearly a month ago!  I think with holiday preparations and all that comes with it, the time is just going by faster (or it could be my age!).  So to re-cap, we’ve talked about Skin Healthy Foods, Exercise, and Skin Care in the Dial Diaries.  Today it’s about ‘Me Time’.

I’m really just going to do some verbatim quoting of Amy Hendel and what she says about ‘Me Time’ because it’s something I struggle with.  She encourages by saying that it isn’t selfish, but actually extremely important to spend time taking care of yourself.  See but I don’t equate that to ‘Me Time’ in my head.

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Dial Diaries: Skin Care

Time is flying, and I can’t believe that three weeks have gone by since I started the Healthier You challenge and my Dial Diaries.  Amy Hendel’s tips on Skin Healthy Foods and Exercise have been helpful and a motivating factor in keeping me working on getting healthier.

Amy’s tips for Skin Care this week include:

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Dial Diaries: Exercise

So it’s week 2 of the Dial Diaries; a program that is challenging a hundred people to share with their communities, tips to a Healthier You from Amy Hendel.

Last week I shared about Skin Healthy Foods – how’s my water drinking coming you ask?  Well, I’m doing better.  I’m getting more than half my daily water intake, which I know isn’t up to par, but it’s more than what I was getting in before, so I look at that as a small victory.

This week it’s all about exercise.

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Dial Diaries: Skin Healthy Foods

I was recently accepted as a Dial Healthier You member – a group of 100 members that with some encouragement and tips from expert Amy Hendel, over 4 weeks will be making a change to some healthier ways to live our lives.

This first week is all about Skin Healthy Foods

That phrase you are what you eat, well it’s true.  The choices you make about what you eat can effect your skin by improving it’s elasticity and clarity, as well as prevent breakouts and slow down the aging process (who could be against that?!).  Whole foods are obviously better for your body than processed ones are, and that includes your skin.

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