Dial Diaries: Me Time

It’s week 4 of the Dial® Healthier You program, I really can’t believe I first posted nearly a month ago!  I think with holiday preparations and all that comes with it, the time is just going by faster (or it could be my age!).  So to re-cap, we’ve talked about Skin Healthy Foods, Exercise, and Skin Care in the Dial Diaries.  Today it’s about ‘Me Time’.

I’m really just going to do some verbatim quoting of Amy Hendel and what she says about ‘Me Time’ because it’s something I struggle with.  She encourages by saying that it isn’t selfish, but actually extremely important to spend time taking care of yourself.  See but I don’t equate that to ‘Me Time’ in my head.

She shares that stress and poor sleep habits can contribute to health issues and lackluster skin that’s prone to breakouts.

To help get some ‘Me Time’ Amy suggests getting organized! That means scheduling your entire week, from planning menus to shopping for everything at once and cooking for the week on Sunday. <— That’s not likely to happen in my home.  I really actually enjoy cooking everyday, that is kind of like ‘Me Time’.  But I do already plan menus, and do all my shopping at once, so I guess I’m one step ahead there.

When it comes to skin care, Dial® NutriSkin™ body wash cleanses and moisturizes in one step.  Which definitely helps with ‘saving time’, but doesn’t prolong the ‘Me Time’ too much in my opinion (I like pampering in my bathroom, now that to me is ‘Me Time’!).

The most important part of “me time” is figuring out what will make you happier, even for a brief moment, everyday. Is it reconnecting with a past hobby or finding a new one? Maybe it’s taking a bubble bath, having a cup of your favorite tea or reading a few pages of that book you’ve been meaning to pick up. You’ll find yourself invigorated and energized with even the smallest amount of “me time” — Amy guarantees it. 

‘Me Time’ is something I don’t get a lot of.  Not because I can’t, but because honestly I don’t want to.  I love my family.  I love being with my family.  It’s not a chore, and they don’t weigh me down, so the concept of ‘Me Time’ is really lost on me.  But if ‘Me Time’ is something that I do that makes me happier, well then rather than taking a bubble bath, or drinking tea, I guess it’s spending time with my family, not really in essence ‘Me Time’ but heh, it makes me happy!  (I guess I get an F this week!).

I’ll continue to try and use Amy’s tips especially in the new year, especially to try to drink more water, and exercise stronger and longer.  It was a great challenge to particpate in, and gave me much “food” for thought!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this post as part of a blog campaign by Dial and received samples and information from them, but the review and opinions are my own.

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