Dial Diaries: Skin Healthy Foods

I was recently accepted as a Dial Healthier You member – a group of 100 members that with some encouragement and tips from expert Amy Hendel, over 4 weeks will be making a change to some healthier ways to live our lives.

This first week is all about Skin Healthy Foods

That phrase you are what you eat, well it’s true.  The choices you make about what you eat can effect your skin by improving it’s elasticity and clarity, as well as prevent breakouts and slow down the aging process (who could be against that?!).  Whole foods are obviously better for your body than processed ones are, and that includes your skin.

Amy alerted us to three major aspects of skin care and how our nutritional choices can keep them looking their best.

Hydration:  Drinking lots of water will keep your skin from becoming dry, as well as eating foods like oily fish and flaxseed that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.  Biotin fortified foods like white meat chicken and eggs help your body process those healthy fats.

** This was my challenge for the past week.  I’m horrible at drinking water, I find it a real chore, but I made it a goal to drink a reasonable amount of water each day, and I do notice a difference in my skin’s hydration level.  Another perk is I notice I have less aches and pains too!

Blemish fighters:  To fight breakouts, make sure to follow a proper skin care regimen, include foods rich in zinc like vegetarian baked beans, garbonzo beans and pumpkin seeds.

** I don’t have a big problem with blemish’s anymore, but I think I’ll encourage my teen daughter to munch on some pumpkin seeds and see if it does the trick!

Anti-Aging:  Using a broad spectrum SPF and adding vitamin E to your daily diet will help to prevent skin damage and wrinkles.  Tuna and fortified cereals will get you that vitamin E.  Dark chocolate, tea and watermelon contain compounds that will help you fight skin damage.

** I try and use an SPF lotion each day, but..I’m not a big dark chocolate fan, but the tea I did.  Watermelon isn’t really in season here anymore, but I do eat quite a bit of that in the summer time!  This is obviously not something I can gauge overnight, but hopefully by implementing these tips, I’ll still look 30 something when I’m over 40!

When you’re out picking up some of these healthy skin-promoting foods don’t forget to pick up the new Dial NutriSkin body wash, it hydrates and moisturizes while cleansing your skin of impurities.  This body wash also smells awesome.  It has a unique texture to it, that I’ve not yet found in any other body wash, and I really like it!

Visit Dial on Facebook for more information about the Healthier You program and see what other members are saying!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this post as part of a blog campaign by Dial and received samples and information from them, but the review and opinions are my own.

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