CAT Motorized Job Site Machine & Road Rippers – Gift Guide Picks

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Little boys, big boys doesn’t matter their age; if it makes noise, lights up and goes vroom, they love it …. right?!  And I have no doubt that if the little boy in your life loves vehicles, CAT Motorized Job Site Machine toys will be a hit under the tree this year.

I got to review the Dump Truck, suitable for children ages 3 and up.  You see all the buttons in the middle?  Well that’s what makes this Dump Truck make noise, flash lights and go vroom!  This is definitely a toy that your kids will go crazy for, they can put blocks or socks (!) in the truck bed, make the truck scoot forward or back and then dump their cargo out.  It even comes with batteries!  Here’s a video that I captured featuring the Dump Truck – best part Moms and Dads, on the bottom is a mute button that you can switch on, so the truck still moves, the lights still flash, but it’s a ‘bit’ quieter!  The CAT Motorized Job Site Machine Dump Truck retails for $19.99 and there are other vehicles in the line as well.

Road Rippers would make great stocking stuffers these small vehicles also are full of lights and sounds!

I had the opportunity to play with two different styles of Road Rippers; Flash Rides and Dirt Flyers.  Little guys will go batty for these!  The Dirt Flyers were by far the favorite around here.  Christmas morning will be fun (and noisy) when they find them in their stockings.

I was impressed with the detail of even these mini vehicles.  They do require button cell batteries to run, but they are included and installed in the packaging.

So what do these toys do exactly?  Well watch the video to see!

All of the toys featured in this post are made by ToyState and you can learn more about them and other toys on their website

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