Aqua Clean Concentrate

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Aqua Clean Concentrate is another product from the Stanley Home Prouducts line.  This is the latest product I was sent to try and it is for cleaning fine washables.  I love the glass cleaner from Stanley Home Products and have been happy with the lotion I tried from their spa line as well.  The product description said that with Aqua Clean Concentrate you can soak your fine and delicate washables clean in just three minutes, while using half the water of an ordinary load, BUT you can also use it in your washing machine.  This I found interesting because well…I don’t hand wash anything.  Nada. Nil. Zip. Zero.  I don’t even buy it if it says hand wash on the label.

That being said I do have some fine washables, things like undergarments, pantyhose and my favorite pillowcase.  So I gathered up the unmentionables and tossed them in the wash.

You just need a tablespoon in a front load washer. 

Set it on cold – and the delicate cycle and you’re good to go…maybe…

My clothes were clean, they smelled fresh but…the color from some of my garments ran.  And before you say well you mixed coloreds with whites –

I assume the item on the left is what caused the running as it’s 100% cotton, the item in the middle was washed in the same load but because it’s polyester it wasn’t effected.  The item on the right used to be white, it too is 100% cotton.  I ALWAYS do that in my laundry, and I always wash in cold water and I have never had colors run on me.  These items have all been washed before and in the same loads.  The only thing I did different in this load that I haven’t done before was use the Aqua Clean Concentrate.  I’m wondering if one of the reasons it did this is because Aqua Clean is phosphate free.  I can’t use phosphate free detergent in my dishwasher because of the stainless steel interior, I don’t know if it affects my washing machine and cleaning but I suppose that’s a possibility. 

I wasn’t nervous at all using this with my laundry before I threw the load in since all of these items have been washed together before, but now I hesitate to use it again.  Now I’m not saying that the Aqua Clean Concentrate doesn’t workit just didn’t work for me the way I used it.   Putting those items together was obviously an error on my part, but again, I have never had an issue with the color running.

I do think the Aqua Clean Concentrate was gentle on the items I washed though.  I probably won’t use it again because I don’t wash clothing by hand and I wait until I have a justifiable load to put in the washing machine to turn it, and that usually means putting lighter colored items in with my whites.

Aqua Clean Concentrate is avalaible in a 32 oz bottle for $8.99.  You can learn more about Aqua Clean Concentrate and other products from Stanley Home Products at

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