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I love coffee.  I started drinking it when I had my first full time summer job.  Part of my duties was to make the morning coffee for the office.  I figured that if I was going to make it, I was going to drink it.  I didn’t really know HOW to make it though, and of course everyone has a different strength they like their coffee.

My mom likes hers strong and black, my sister with flavored creamers.  I’m sort of in between the two.  I like it black but not so strong, mild, smooth coffees are more to my liking.

I really enjoy trying new coffee blends.  Whether it is from the local coffee shop or something I find online, flavored or just normal roasts.  So when I had the opportunity to try the Liberty Bell Blend from Blue State Red State, I was more than willing to share my opinion with all of you.

I’ll admit that I am one of the people that would have a tough time giving up my coffee in economic hardship.  That’s ‘my vice’.  Take away my cable, eating out, movies – but NOT my coffee.  But still when we’re all trying to cut costs you got to find a way to justify your purchase and I can…with Blue State Red State.

About Blue State Red State:

Blue State Red State has partnered with Larry’s Beans to offer you the highest quality, absolute best coffee on the planet! Our coffee is Fair Trade, Shade Grown and Organic and we have the documentation to back it up – Our Organic and Fair Trade practices are certified and audited by Quality Certification Services.

About Liberty Bell Blend:

Blue State Red State’s mission is striving to have a positive impact on society by providing America with the best organic, fair-trade coffee while giving our customers an avenue to improve society through philanthropy and advocacy in their everyday purchases.  BSRS helps to connect people with charities and advocacy groups by donating 33% of after-tax profits to these groups and by providing a positive platform for discussion and the exchange of ideas. BSRS is committed to excellence, celebrates democracy and practices philanthropy every day!

See that’s what I’m talking about – every time I drink a cup of Blue State Red State I can be giving back to my country!  (What a great reason to drink my coffee!)

With three ‘brands’ to choose from – you can put your pennies where your political leanings are.  Republican?  You’ll want to get the Red State blend which supports Republican causes .  Democrat?  Well you’ve probably figured it out by now; you’d order the Blue State blend and for those that sit on the fence..well you can get the Blue State Red State blends that support non-partisan causes.

And how did it taste?  Well the Liberty Blend is a delicious roast – while it is smooth it still has a full-bodied flavor.  I love that it is USDA Organic and Fair Trade.  I found it satisfying for my morning cup of joe.

A two-pack of any of the blends in either, smooth or strong roasts or a combination of the two, is $19.98.  Each bag contains 12 oz. of coffee.

To learn more visit

This post was written for Family Review Network & Blue State Red State who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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