How To: Plush Your Dragon

Last year we were lucky enough to receive a copy of How To Train Your Dragon on DVD for review.  Amber was instantly captivated by this animated feature, and even though she is a teenager she still loves her plushies.

When Christmas was nearing, and we asked her what she wanted, she said she wanted a Toothless plushie (that’s the main dragon character in the movie).  I looked high and low for a stuffed Toothless.  I was (and still am) somewhat surprised that they never made any of these for retail distribution when marketing the movie.

After extensive internet searches we found a very cool tutorial on DeviantArt.  Since Amber had to do a sewing project for her FACS course this year, I amended it from sewing a piece of clothing to sewing a stuffed dragon.

We chose to use black polar fleece so the edges wouldn’t fray, and the eyes we found at Hobby Lobby and are ‘cat eyes’ for doll making I guess.

The instructions given are quite good.  I mean yes we had some crying, some needle stuck fingers and a lot of seam ripping, but in the end Amber ended up with her very own Toothless that she can proudly display on her bed.

What do you think?  Good resemblance?

If you are interested in making one yourself, the instructions are below, just click on it and it will take you to the page on Deviant Art where you can download the pattern.

How to Plush your Dragon by Katy-A on DeviantArt