Baby Driver

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I drive a 12 ½ year old Honda CR-V, which we affectionately call Plucky 2 (our first car was a Honda Civic, which we dubbed ‘Plucky’).  Plucky 2 has served us so well over the years.  We bought her when we needed a second vehicle because my husband could no longer take the bus to work (the commute was just too long).

It’s hard to believe that I’ve had Plucky 2 that long.  She still runs fantastic and only has a teeny tiny spot of rust here and there.  Alas I know she will not last forever, and we will need to get a new vehicle in the next few years to replace her.

We’ve been looking at two different vehicles: the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Subaru Impreza WRX; driving safety is at the forefront of our thoughts, and both these vehicles do well in crash tests.

My husband drives a Volkswagen Jetta and loves it.  But what has us looking at the Subuaru is actually this commercial:

Have you seen it?  Amber can already legally (yes legally!) drive in the state we live in, although we aren’t letting her get her license until she’s 16.  Yes in the state of South Dakota, you can get a legal driver’s license at 14.  I don’t think she is mature enough right now at 14 to be in operation of a 2000 pound vehicle, no matter what kind of teen driving safety course she takes.

Anyway, I love that commercial because that is EXACTLY how I see her if she’s seated behind the wheel of a car!  Marketing at its best Subaru, your ad works well.

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