Advil Cold & Sinus for your Cold Drama

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Winter is one rough season when it comes to colds and sinuses.  When I catch a cold my nose gets all stuffy and my sinuses hurt, and I feel cruddy all over 🙁

To combat the drama that comes with a cold, I believe that plenty of herbal tea (with honey or lemon), a humidifier, and lots of rest is the antidote.  Being able to snuggle down with a blanket and watch Netflix while keeping hydrated is the only perk of having a cold… if only I always had time for that.   Because colds and sinus troubles generally hit me at the worst possible time.  You know when I have a major deadline to meet, I’m scheduled to travel in the next 48 hours, right before a major holiday I agreed to host in my home, or I have to be at an important event.

There are so many options in the cold and flu aisle, but when your cold and flu symptoms become too much, only Advil® Cold & Sinus is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand to treat your worst symptoms.  Ask for it at the pharmacy counter.

advil cold

Advil® Cold & Sinus combines Advil® – the number-one selling pain reliever – and a powerful nasal decongestant to provide fast, powerful relief.  It’s a combination that makes sense because nasal congestion is often a result of inflammation.  (Did you know that?  I did not!  Keep reading this is interesting stuff!)  The blood vessels in the tissues lining your nose and sinuses literally swell up due to inflammation. Inflammation in the nose and sinuses, like that which occurs anywhere else in the body, is part of a healthy body’s immune efforts, and not the work of harmful pathogens or an infection.  (You might have assumed nasal congestion is caused by excess mucus, like I did!)  While your body is busy fighting the virus that caused your nasal congestion, decongestants focus on treating the swollen tissue or inflammation to help combat nasal congestion, helping you feel better.  Now go forth and share this information the next time your co-worker is blowing their nose, muttering it’s because they have a plethora of mucus 😉 .

I don’t want to have a cold or sinus pressure at all,  when I get a cold I’d love to be able to take a week off, dozing on the couch, sipping tea, binge watching Jessica Jones and not be known as Patient Zero.  (ha ha ha! wouldn’t we all?!)  The reality is most of us don’t have the luxury of waiting out a cold.  We have families to tend to, jobs to show up at and responsibilities to complete, and a cold just gets in the way.

I have found, what works best for me personally, is Advil® Cold & Sinus.  I experience bad sinus pressure and the pseudoephedrine relieves that pressure and stops my stuffy nose in its tracks.  During cold season, I always make sure I have this on hand, because I know I’ll need it!  It works fast and it’s non-drowsy formula means I can do what needs to get done with a clear head and without worrying about needing a nap 1/2 way through.

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How do you take the drama out of your cold?


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74 thoughts on “Advil Cold & Sinus for your Cold Drama

  1. I run vicks vapor rub all over my feet and put thick socks on. It stops the cough!

  2. Vicks vapor rub under my nose to breath and Advil cold and sinus of course

  3. I take Advil because it is the only medicine that works and I get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water.

  4. I make sure to take medicine to keep me feeling good! my Vitamins and a good diet are also part of what helps when I’m sick!

  5. I use our humidifier constantly and take Ricola whenever I have a cold. Ricola tastes like candy to me so it’s kind of like a treat. I didn’t know advil made a cold medicine but I think I may try that the next time I get sick which hopefully isn’t for a long time!

  6. I stay away from gatherings, and lay low, a good excuse to pile up some magazines and nice tea.

  7. Hot tea, neck wrap, lots of tissues, and lip balm for dry chapped areas.

  8. I snuggle up under a lot of blankets and drink lots of fluids, and watch netflex.

  9. I try to use as many preventative measures as possible to try and avoid getting it in the first place.

  10. Getting lots of rest helps so much with the unneeded drama.
    thank you

  11. I listen to relaxing music and even try and watch a comedy to lift my spirits and keep it calm.

  12. I don’t have time to whine about having a cold. I deal with it and go on. I also stay away from people because I like to be alone when I am sick.

  13. I take medicine to help alleviate the symptoms of my cold and get plenty of rest.

  14. I use a lot of vitamin c and homemade chicken soup when I have a cold.

  15. My husband swears by Zicam swabs but I just soldier on with ibuprofen.

  16. When I start to feel a cold coming on, I boost up the vitamin C.

  17. I try to have plenty of hot soup and juices. These always soothe me.

  18. Plenty of fluids and rest if I can. Doesn’t happen often in a house with four kids, but they are getting better as they get older.

  19. I take the drama out of my cold by using a saline solution, and Advil and rest.

  20. To take the drama out of a cold, I take Advil Cold, of course. Also drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest.

  21. Have not had a cold in 2 years. But the last time I did, I had several cups of chicken noodle soup as soon as I started feeling bad and it really helped. I did not get as stuffed up as I normally do.

  22. As soon as I think that I’m getting sick I start taking a cold medicine and try to get plenty of rest.That usually helps me.

  23. I use Vicks on my feet, cough drops, and chicken noodle soup with plenty of rest to take the drama out of a cold.

  24. I drink lots of liquids, hot tea, water and chicken noodle soup. I rest as much as possible.

  25. i try to sleep. i take some medicine and i give my hubby the kids and i pass out for a day or two. i’m a good sleeper when i’m sick.

  26. Lot’s of Est and water! Advil and Antihistamine, my heating blankie and love stories on TV!

  27. I try to relax in front of the t.v. with a big glass of orange juice.

  28. Chicken noodle soup, rest and just a bit of Advil Cold & Sinus.

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