Ack! Our Auto Insurance is Going to Go Up this Year!

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Our daughter turns 16 this April.  How is it that time can go by so quickly?  I remember her first car ride on the way home from the hospital.  My husband tucked her safely into the infant seat and buckled it in the back of the car making sure the seat belt was securely fastened.  And now that tiny girl that weighed in at just 6 pounds 3 ounces is ready to get behind the steering wheel herself.  It just doesn’t seem possible.  Unbelievably here in the state of South Dakota, a driver’s license can be obtained as early as age 14,  but since both of us didn’t get ours until 16 and since our daughter really has no need for one, we thought she can wait until she turns 16 too.

There are two things that relieve me about our soon to be ‘teenage driving’ scenario.

One is that the car she will be driving is already almost 14 years old anyway.  It isn’t worth much for a trade in or resale value (but thankfully is still in good shape and safe to drive).  So in the event she should have an accident while driving, the economic impact will be minimal. 

The other relief is her good grades.  She is an above average student with A’s in nearly every subject – which should make the hit on our auto insurance a little more bearable when the time comes to add her to it.

We haven’t decided yet whether we’ll have her learn through a private drivers education school or through the local school district’s program, but neither me nor my husband think we have the patience to teach her ourselves!  

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