Custom Framing More Than Art – A Reminder of a Wonderful Heritage

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Before I was married I had no real concept of an investment.  I was just happy to have “pretty things”.

After my father-in-law passed away, my mother-in-law gave all her children some money.  My husband and I wanted to get something with it that would satisfy my need for “pretty” (LOL) but also do a responsible adult thing and purchase something both of value and sentiment.  And so with some suggestions from friends, we went shopping for art.  As we picked up a couple of numbered prints by Tom duBois, we realized how truly important it was to have them framed properly, to increase their value and to protect them from the environment.

With a referral from the gallery we bought them at, we went down to the framers.  Although our small city likely does not have the selection of custom framing nyc would offer, I enjoyed going through the different stain colors of frames and the hues and textures of mats.  It seemed like we hung out there for hours before we made our decision. 

Now when I have time to sit in my dining room where the pictures are hung, I look at them and am still happy with the decisions we made.  They are beautiful to look at, and now that my in-laws have both passed away, they are visual mementoes of the wonderful parents and grandparents they were. 

One is called Glory to God in the Highest and it’s the scene of the angels announcing the birth of Christ. 

The other is entitled Hosanna! A picture story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on what we now call Palm Sunday. 

Both prints remind us of the legacy of Christian parenting my husband’s parents left us.

One day we hope to pass them on to our daughter so she can enjoy them in her home too, with memories of the legacy two generations have left her.

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