Smart Success – One Week Later

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So last Monday I blogged about Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss supplements.  I told you I’d ‘weigh’ in (ooh bad pun, I know!) on my thoughts about it and any weight loss or gain I had using it.  

I started on January 1st with the Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit, which had me taking 2 of the AM formulated pills 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch and then 2 of the PM formulated pills 30 minutes before dinner.  A recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day, approximately 1600 calorie meal plan, the use of a multi-vitamin and 8-10 glasses of water were also a part of the ‘program’.

My likes about the Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit

Well first off I did lose weight!  I weighed in yesterday morning which completed an entire week on the supplements and I had lost 1.4 pounds.  Since a 1-2 pound per week weight loss is a healthy way to lose, I’m not complaining.  I didn’t drink all my water every day, nor did I exercise 30 minutes every day either.

I also liked that the supplements seemed to give me energy.  I cut out any extra caffeine during the week and only drank non-caffeinated herbal teas and water.  Whether it was pyschosymatic or not, I don’t know, but I really felt that I had more energy than when I was drinking two to four cups of coffee per day.

The Smart Weight Loss supplements also seemed to keep me full.  By that I mean even staying at or under 1200 calories (remember I’m only 4’9″ tall and a petite frame), I didn’t feel hungry most days.

My dislikes about the Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit

They don’t taste so great.  There I said it.  Even though they are encapsulated to make them easy to swallow down with water…I shuddered every time I took one.  I mean once they were down, they were down, and didn’t bother me any but honestly they’re not tasty.

Because of the amount of caffeine in them and other key ingredients, you should only take 2 every 4 hours.  With the 30 minute barrier before meals, I was finding it difficult to time it properly.  We eat at really strange hours in our home (don’t ask), and for me my spacing the first couple of days on them was probably not ideal.  I need to set up an alarm to take them and then again to eat.  That was probably good for me to get into a better eating schedule, but I know I’m not the only one that tends to eat at sporadic times.

I mentioned in my likes that they gave me more energy than I felt I usually have.  I did like that.  I also disliked that – LOL – even with the PM formula at night (which has no caffeine at all), I found I had trouble sleeping.  I assume that has something to do with my body size, and by the end of the week, I found myself better able to doze off, but those first couple of nights…well let’s say I did a lot of late night internet surfing!

All in all – I’m happy with Bob Harper’s Smart Success Weight Loss supplements.  I started the next regimen of supplements yesterday, the Weight Loss Formula, and if I can keep it up until the bottle is complete, I’ll share my results with you again.

To learn more about the Smart Weight Loss Products you can visit the website at

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