A Surprising Sweepstakes Win

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One of the ways I got into blogging was because of entering giveaways.  You know how many blogs give you an extra entry for blogging about their giveaway and then linking back to them?  Well that’s originally how Three Different Directions got started.

I don’t have a lot of time to enter giveaways anymore, but I used to enter both on and offline a lot.  One of the places I had the best luck was at a local grocery store chain.  I won both a $500 spa gift certificate and a grill through one of their drop box contests.

The grill is a funny story though.  When we moved from our house to our condo we sold our grill, which was falling apart anyway.  You know how propane and natural gas grills have a button to start the flame?  Well ours broke off of it.  So my husband used one of those candle lighters to start it up! 

We lived in our condo unit for two years when I finally told my husband that we needed to get another grill, because I was tired of cooking all summer.  And he said yeah, but still we never went out to look for a new one. 

Well one day I was grocery shopping and I saw a drop box for a giveaway for a charcoal grill.  I know that many people think charcoal makes the best bbqs, but my husband is not one of them.  Regardless, I figured winning one of those small ones that you can take camping might get him grilling again.  At the very least it would fit on our deck well, and I would even do the grilling.

A few weeks later I get a phone call letting me know that I won the grill!  So I eagerly went to pick it up from the store.  Only to find out this was no picnic size grill – this was a HUGE monster size 4 burner , with a side table and sink, charcoal grill!  Imagine my husband’s shock as I brought this home!

I ended up selling it to friends of ours for a good deal, and then hubby agreed to use the proceeds to get a gas grill.  We had seen some smaller weber gas grills that would fit nicely on our deck and we ended up purchasing one of them.  We’ve had it for about three years now, and I think that although hubby would never admit it, he’s really glad we got it!

Speaking of which – it’s finally warm enough in our neck of the woods to fire those burners up and get some meat on it!  Better send him out to fill the propane tank this week.

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