Home Warranty – Do You Have One? Wish You Had One?

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I’m usually at odds with my home. Even when we’ve purchased one that’s been “brand new”, things still go wrong with it. I guess that’s why culture has affectionately deemed homes as “money pits”.

The first house we lived in was actually built by my dad and brother, and before my husband and I owned it, my family lived in it. Since Dad was just a phone call away we didn’t really need to purchase a home protection plan. If something broke, well Dad would fix it, or find someone else who could that owed him a favor.

When we moved to South Dakota looking for a house that was built well, was somewhat overwhelming. We knew small repairs would be easy enough to handle, but what about big ones? We didn’t know anyone in the community to recommend contractors to us, so we decided on buying something new, hoping that would alleviate the stress of a fixer-upper.

Boy were we wrong. Even though our mortgage company required a home inspection prior to closing, the home inspector didn’t catch some major flaws with the home. Fortunately for us the purchase of the house came with home warranty insurance for the first year. That saved us quite a bit of cash as we dealt with bathroom leaks and other problems.

We eventually sold that home and purchased a condominium unit. Naturally we’ll still have issues with home repairs, but they’ll be on a lesser scale (hopefully!) as we only have the inside of our unit to contend with. But appliances still break down and furnaces and air conditioners still have problems.

Last summer our electric bill was exorbitantly high, and so we had to have our air conditioner checked for a leak. It was a pricey house call that revealed no leak, but that our air conditioner didn’t have enough Freon in it. Things like that make me think it would still be a good idea to get a policy from a place like American Home Shield to cover those kinds of instances. It’s usually a lot cheaper to fix something or at least help compensate a replacement appliance if it completely breaks down.

Do you have a home warranty policy? If you don’t were there times you wished you would have had one?

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