5 Best Ways to Soothe a Sunburn

Soothing a sunburn is not a straightforward process. Depending on the severity of your burn, how long you have been burned, and how well your skin responds to remedies, how quickly you can find relief from your sunburn depends on many variables. It is essential to find the remedies that are effective for you. Knowing that soothing a sunburn takes trial and error, be patient with the process. This article offers five ways to soothe a sunburn. See what works for you!

1. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

A common natural remedy for easing sunburns is to rub aloe vera gel on the sunburn location. Aloe vera contains natural soothing properties that cool the skin and generate relief from burning pain. Some people even use aloe vera gel to relieve headache tension and aid in sun protection before sunburns start.

Aloe vera is very cheap, and you can easily find large bottles of it for less than $5 at most grocery stores. Pro tip: Apply some aloe vera gel like to the affected area before bedtime so your sunburn can heal overnight.

soothe a sunburn

2. Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural antifungal, pain reliever, and moisturizer. Sunburn dries out the skin, and the natural healing process may even dry the skin out more to repair the damage done to the skin’s surface.

To protect against the lost moisture and to relieve some of the dryness and pain associated with the skin’s loss of moisture, you can apply coconut oil to the affected areas and save your skin from sun damage.

Coconut oil is a natural remedy for many different ailments, including those for the skin. See if can bring you relief from your sunburn.

3. Shower In Colder Water

Although potentially unpleasant to your base body temperature, showering will prevent you from bringing on more pain to the sunburn areas. If you shower in hot water, avoid submerging the sunburned area in hot water. Hot water against a sunburn can add to the pain and make your sunburn feel worse. Cooler water is gentle and will not have the same effect on the affected areas.

4. Apply Ice To Your Sunburn

If you are experiencing severe pain or swelling from your sunburn, apply ice over the affected area to find relief. Ice packs might be the easiest to apply, but bags of ice cubes work if that is all you have.

If you have an ice roller, you might also consider applying one of these over the affected areas to find relief. Ice rollers are helpful for those hard-to-reach spots like the upper back, which might be where your sunburn is the worst!

5. Wear Loose Clothing

Until your sunburn heals, you’ll want to avoid tight clothing that could aggravate your skin. Stick to loose, cool options like cotton t-shirts and sweatpants to help your skin breathe and prevent your skin from rubbing against material that may aggravate your sunburn. Continue to dress comfortably until your sunburn has had enough time to heal.

Heal Your Sunburn

Soothing a sunburn is a combination of home remedies and patience. Not all the suggestions above will work for you if your sunburn is severe. Reach out to your doctor if you are unable to find relief from your sunburn. It is essential to address any potential underlying skin issues with your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Most likely, your sunburn just needs time to heal, but use your best judgment. Consider the above recommendations for soothing sunburns and see which works the best for you!

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