The Weather is Heating Up! Don’t Overlook Sun-Protection

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a person’s risk for melanoma doubles after five or more sunburns, making skin protection a priority for families preparing for spring and summer activities.  It can be overwhelming getting everything together for outings and adventures, and bringing along sun protection is often overlooked. (Oh, the amount of times I’ve forgotten a hat or sunscreen when we’ve gone to the park!)

There are a lot of great places you can go to ‘cool off’ from the heat, and you don’t necessarily have to drive far.

Of course the simplest and closest way to cool off is right in your own neighborhood!  Inflatable pools, sprinklers and water balloons can be enjoyed in your own backyard.  Gather the neighbors and set up a slip and slide for the kids to play on crossing several yards if you are able to!


Check your town/city’s website to find parks in the vicinity that may have splash pads or wading pools.  This is an especially great idea if you’re on vacation and want to find some wet, and maybe free, fun!

Plan a family day at a water park.  Most of them cater to all ages from toddlers on up to the adults.  To safe play zones for the little ones to the dare devil slides and the always relaxing lazy rivers, everyone will have a fun time cooling off.


I know down here in the south, you’ll find some of the outdoor malls have fountains that the kids can run around in on a hot day.  Make sure you tuck along a towel in your tote to dry them off some if you are still doing some shopping 😉

Just make sure that you have sunscreen for everyone and you can dress them in Coolibar!

Coolibar, makers of sun-protective clothing for the whole family that looks good, wears well and lasts a lifetime.  Here are some easy tips from them to make sure your family’s skin is protected and your days aren’t spent tending to painful sunburns.

· Teach kids that being safe in the sun is as important as wearing a bike helmet! Preventing sun exposure now helps prevent skin cancer in the future
· Make sure to wear lightweight clothing that is tightly woven (t-shirts do NOT block UV rays!), and contains a UV protection factor of 50. At Coolibar, all clothing has a UPF of at least 50 and is guaranteed to never wash out or fade. Sun-protective clothing is the BEST way to ensure skin is protected from UV when out in the sun.
· Make sure to reapply sunscreen to areas not covered with clothing EVERY two hours, when done swimming, and after lots of sweating. You can minimize the amount of sunscreen needed (and avoid the chasing and tears when applying) by covering kids as much as possible with sun-protective clothing.
· Make sun protection fun! Choose clothing that kids get excited about so they will love wearing it. Cooilbar’smonster tee line features fun and silly graphics with the same wash and wear-resistant 50 + UPF.
· Adults need protection too, and more coverage is better. Pack long-sleeve sun-protective shirts and wraps for long days in the sun, or for when it¹s a chilly day.
· Hats are a huge defense against UV exposure! Longer brims add protection to the neck, shoulders and torso, as well as the face and top of the head. For every inch of brim, you reduce your lifetime risk of skin cancer by 10%.
· Choose sun-protective clothing that folds easily and dries quickly, so you take up less room in your suitcase! Moisture-wicking clothing allows for a quick rinse at the end of the day and will often be dry and ready to wear the next morning.

Coolibar Swim Capris Seaglass

As an adult I appreciate these light weight skirted swim capris in Seaglass that I was sent from Coolibar.  I can wear them just about anywhere, have the sun protection I need.  I have not just skin coverage but can also get wet and know that because of the material I’ll dry off quickly.  Perfect for those impromtu cool off sessions!


I’m at the stage where bathing suits aren’t really my thing anymore, so these capris are perfect for me!  I feel stylish enough in them without feeling like a granny, but can keep the modesty I want and still enjoy the water.

Coolibar Swim Capris

The skirted swim capris have a gripper elastic in back to keep the waistband in place (so you can bend over and not worry about that gaping yaw!)  They even have this great small pocket in top of waistband, if you need to store a locker key or something else in it.

Coolibar Swim Capris

I’m really happy with these capris and see myself wearing them a lot this summer.

I suggest checking out Coolibar for sun protective clothing and accessories your whole family can use for activities such as swimming, a day at the beach, park or golf course or just for everyday wear.