Coresport – The Magic Workout Shirt

Last month I was approached by a start up called Coresport that has made a workout shirt that they said can actually help cool you down.  I was intrigued and so I took their offer up of a free review top to try it out and share my thoughts.


The premise is this:  The workout shirt is made from moisture-activated cooling material that uses Specific Heat Capacity yarn and special fiber to absorb perspiration and moisture, which then evaporates quickly, resulting in clothes that are at least eight degrees Fahrenheit cooler than conventional clothes, and which stay dryer as well.  The back of the Coresport shirt is a mesh fabric which is super breathable, but which can also enhance the calorie burning rate. The fabric reflects a significant amount of UV light, making the shirt perfect for outdoor sports. In addition, the fabrics are infused with minerals that make the clothes odor-resistant and antibacterial.

The other day I put it on to try it out.  It’s light weight and the front and sleeves are made from the fabric shown above, and the back is a panel of mesh.  I have to admit the mesh made me pause a bit, I wasn’t completely onboard with having my entire back and undergarments exposed, but I was willing to give it a try.

It’s June in Texas y’all.  I went for a run… well who am I kidding I don’t run in June in Texas, it’s hot.  I went for a fast jog, which soon turned into a brisk walk, and not much longer it was more of a slow pace, because IT’S HOT Y’ALL IN TEXAS!  I feel like I really took this shirt out for a full workout.  Any how.. here’s the thing, this shirt IT WORKS!

The days I wore it, we had feels like temps of 110º.  I went for a two mile jog walk.  During that walk, I did not surprisingly feel ‘hot,’ as I usually do with a normal cotton or cotton/poly tank top.  The mesh I was so concerned about, I needn’t have been.  While you can see through it, a proper bra will be just fine underneath it, and it did an excellent job of providing breathability.  If you’ve ever sweated in the hot sun, you’ll know how your t-shirt sticks to your back and your body just drips.  With this Coresport top however, I did not experience that clingy sweat dripping fabric, and was comfortable during my whole walk.

workout shirt

I feel like the top is true to size to their size chart.  They only had medium and large available for review, I typically would wear a small or x-small.  The medium is big on me, but not gigantic, and I feel like the small would have fit me well.

You can find Coresport’s campaign over on IndiegogoThey are still open for backers until June 20th.  If you’re the type of person that likes to support small innovative ideas – here’s your chance!  Pledges with perks start at just $39.  You can also find out more information on their website:  

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