10-Day Silk-for-Milk Challenge – Day 1

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So, I was approached on behalf of Silk to replace my regular dairy milk with a selection of Silk products for 10 days and share my feelings about it…in video diaries.  Yep folks that means more vlogs! 

I actually don’t drink a lot of milk.  I KNOW I need to get my calcium in some how, as I am at a high risk for osteoporosis, because of my height and family genetics.  So besides seeing if Silk can be fit into my daily routine, I’m hoping that by doing this challenge I’ll get into the habit of drinking it to get my calcium requirements in for each day.

I chose the Silk PureAlmond Vanilla as my first 1/2 gallon to use.  Lucky for me it has 45% more calcium than a glass of milk.  I had a about 1 1/2 cups of it today so managed to get 2/3 of my daily calcium requirement in.  Which is MUCH better than I usually get.

Please take a couple of minutes each day to see how I’m drinking my Silk products, and maybe you’ll be inspired to try this challenge too! (Please ignore my overly blinking eyes LOL!)

*I was sent coupons for a ten day period to try Silk products as well as a Flipcam to record my video diaries.

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