Wreck-It Ralph Trailer

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In case you haven’t figured it out by now, my family is a bunch of geeks, LOL! Most of our family time is spent with those ‘stylish’ 3D glasses perched on our noses, with some sort of technology or playing video games.

Oh yeah video games and our family go waaaaay back, I mean to the era of Pong (my husband is almost 50!) and Commodore 64s, you know back in 1982 when 8-bit was all the rage. Oh wait, I bet some of you weren’t even born yet (now I’m feeling old…)

Wreck-It Ralph is a hilarious, arcade-game-hopping adventure. For decades, Ralph has been overshadowed by Fix-It Felix, Jr., the good-guy star of their game who always gets to save the day. Tired of playing the role of bad guy, Ralph takes matters into his own massive hands and sets off on a journey across the arcade through multiple generations of video games to prove he’s got what it takes to be a hero.

So you can imagine we’re looking forward to seeing Wreck-It Ralph. (Besides that my brother’s name is Ralph and despite the fact that ‘my’ Ralph is far more like Fix-It Felix…I kind of like the ring Wreck-It Ralph has, I may start calling him that..hmm. LOL!)

No worries, no worries Generation Z and I – Wreck-It Ralph isn’t done in 8-bit graphics!! But some favorite characters from the past (including that orange fuzzy ball Q-bert that I hopped around squares and platforms on my Coleco Vision) make an appearance I’ve heard.

Check out this trailer and let me know what you think.

Wreck-It Ralph comes to theaters from Walt Disney Pictures, November 2nd.

Tammy Litke, literally writes here, there and everywhere about this, that and everything, but her passion is and always has been keeping her family happy. She does so by making family friendly recipes, traveling to family destinations, watching 3D movies and playing video games with them and homeschooling her daughter.

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