Enjoy Lemonade & Hot Apple Cider from Green Mountain Naturals!

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This is the time of year that hovers between the last days of “summer like” weather and the cool crispness of autumn.  Where even up north, it’s still warm enough for shorts and flip-flops during the day, but come evening you’re reaching for the sweatshirt or slippers.

My beverage choices are as conflicted as the weather on days like that!  I want something cold and refreshing to quench my thirst in the morning or early afternoon, and something that will warm me up while we sit wrapped in blankets in front of the TV at night.

It’s a good thing Green Mountain Naturals and my Keurig have me covered on both fronts!

I really enjoyed having the Brew Over Ice coffees this summer by Green Mountain, and their newest Brew Over Ice innovation is…Lemonade – the first ever lemonade in a K-Cup pack.  It’s made with natural lemon, and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

That honestly threw me for a loop when I first brewed it, because I was expecting something….well…yellow!  But it’s really has more of an opaque water look to it.  The aroma was fresh and citrusy when I removed my cup from the Keurig base, and the taste…like sunshine in a glass.  Lemonade usually isn’t my first choice if I have the option between it and something else, but the Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade is really tasty.  Not too tart, just enough sweet, it’s a perfect blend of both and satisfying.

Want to jazz it up just a bit (although it doesn’t need anything extra) – add a few frozen strawberries to your freshly brewed glass.  Not only will it keep your lemonade just a bit colder longer, but it also gives you that other favorite strawberry lemonade flavor.

And then there’s the evening.  The other night was a perfect evening to have a Hot Apple Cider from Green Mountain Naturals.

My husband had the door open to our balcony in our living room, and we were enjoying the cool fall breeze.  But when the sun started to dip down, I was getting down right cold.  So I meandered over to my coffee bar (yes I have a whole set up, three one cup machines, a French press and a 12 cup pot..what can I say it’s an addiction collection) and brewed my self a cup of Hot Apple Cider.

This is a smooth, sweet hot beverage to warm up those limbs with hints of brown sugar and spice. And like the Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade it’s great on its own, but go one step further…

with a squirt (or two!) of whipped cream and some caramel sundae syrup you have a gourmet beverage for way cheaper than the local coffee shop.

For those of you who have Keurig machines and haven’t yet tried these two Naturals flavors, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the quality of their taste. 

For those of you who don’t have a Keurig yet…what are you waiting for?  If you go to coffee houses and buy premium coffees, teas, fruit blends, or hot chocolates…the Keurig is for you!  If you enjoy a freshly brewed beverage every time you want a cup…the Keurig is for you!  If you don’t like to waste 1/2 a pot of coffee because you don’t get a chance to drink it all…the Keurig is for you!  (Have I convinced you yet?!)  It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made (I have 2 of them, what does that tell you?!)

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post; Green Mountain sent me samples. Opinions are my own.

Tammy Litke, literally writes here, there and everywhere about this, that and everything, but her passion is and always has been keeping her family happy. She does so by making family friendly recipes, traveling to family destinations, watching 3D movies and playing video games with them and homeschooling her daughter.

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