Would Your Kids Miss You If You Were Abducted By Aliens?

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So you know that the new Disney movie Mars Needs Moms blasts into theaters on March 11.  But what about your family, do they need you?  What would they miss about you if aliens abducted you for their planet to reap all your “mom-ness”?  I asked my daughter what she would miss about me if I was abducted by aliens.

1.       The number one thing that she said she’d miss is the fact that I wash her dirty underwear.  Heh, she’s almost 15, I guess I should start making her do that herself!

2.       She’d miss my hugs. Awww.  How sweet.  Actually she still asks for hugs.  A. Lot.  A mean multiple times an hour!

3.       She’d miss my cooking.  Because all Dad can make is macaroni & cheese and eggs.  Not really something that one wants to subsist on for long.

4.       She likes being homeschooled, so she’d miss me if I left, because she’d have to go back to traditional schooling.

5.       Really I’m her ‘social secretary’, when she wants to get together with her friends it goes down like this “Have your ‘people’ call my ‘people’.  Yup, at 14, how’s that for a cushy existence?  So with me out of the picture, she’d either have to learn to phone her friends and set up her social schedule herself – or have no social life!

6.       Mom; I’d miss you because if I grew I’d be naked.  Uh yeah, besides the fact that I do her laundry – I think I have one of the only teenage girls who hates shopping.  Which means I buy all her clothes while she stays home.  So it’s a good thing girls can wear Capri pants and ¾ length sleeves are in!

7.       She’d miss me because she can talk to me about scary stuff.  The things that cause teenagers anxiety, like what happens if I die, or what if I get really sick.

8.       Who would she eat out with at Chili’s her very favorite place to pick up some Bockshiner Ribs?

9.       She’d miss me because if I was gone she’d be the shortest person around again, just after she grew enough to exceed me by a couple of inches.  How’s that for a downer?

10.   And last but not least she’d miss me because she loves me, just because.  Well yeah, how do you say it other than that?

This was a very fun “question & answer” session – It’s nice to know I’m needed!  I have no plans to be abducted by aliens any time soon, but my guess is my daughter would give them quite a fight if they tried!

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