Do You Need a Smartphone?

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Practically everyone you know has one these days, why haven’t you made the leap from you trusty cell phone to the latest craze in mobile technology – the smartphone?  You’re not alone, I don’t have one either, but we may be the last two left soon who don’t!  According to the Nielsen Company, smartphones will overtake regular cell phones in the U.S. by the end of 2011.

I can’t justify a smartphone, because we just don’t make enough calls to make it worth the price of a contract plan.  So we use a pre-paid cell phone service which gives us just enough minutes a month for emergencies, and to cover the odd ‘goof-off’ call (you know those ones you make in the store to call your bff because that ‘must have’ item happens to be on sale…)  I got it years ago, and so the phone is a dinosaur (as far as cell phones go), but it does the job, so I don’t see the need to upgrade.

Now I do have an iTouch, which supposedly are pretty popular in lieu of the smartphone.  It does everything an iPhone does except, well make phone calls!  Oh yeah and it only has a Wi-Fi connection, so although I have a free ‘texting number’ I can only use it to text if I’m in a place that has a reliable Wi-Fi signal.

What I like best about it is that it’s ‘everything’ in one, my MP3 player, camera, pda, an e-reader – it pretty much holds my life on it,  which is why I got a shock absorbent case for it.  I suggest a shock absorbing cell phone case for anyone who invests in a smartphone or an iTouch, especially if you let your kids use it (and not just toddlers…those preteens can be unruly too!).  I have a fear of dropping mine, and I’m hoping if I ever do the material and texture of the cover will keep it from being damaged.

So do you have a smartphone?  If so, could you imagine your life without it anymore?  Do you have a protective cell phone cover for it and if so what kind?  Do you have a ‘girl-y’ one (read Pink or Floral) so Hubby won’t abscond with it? 

There are so many stylish ones these days that I think I could change my cover like I change my socks!  I’d love to have a bunch of different ones to match my outfits, LOL!

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