Who Would Steal Signs For Real Estate?

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So as many of you know, we currently have our home for sale. It’s actually been for sale for much longer than we had hoped, the housing market where we live is still pretty weak, as is evident by all the Signs For Real Estate in our development.

Amid the waiting for the right buyer to come along, there has been a pretty humorous incident though.

Back in November we went to Canada for my brother’s wedding. Since we weren’t going to be around anyway, we told our agent to go ahead and hold a couple of open houses to showcase our home while we were away.

We live in a condominium building that is set up much like an apartment unit, so there is small yard area on each side of the building. There is also another building directly in front of ours that faces the main street, so when units in either building go up for sale we place the signs there. Well when we came home we saw a small, somewhat out of place looking “For Sale” sign on the side yard closest to our unit. It was a tall, skinny arrow, with the words on it in red, stuck in the grass, pointing towards the front entrance of our building. We were half jokingly wondering whether one of our neighbors put it up, in hopes of getting our unit sold a little more quickly so we’d move out!

The day after we arrived home our agent called to update us on how the open houses went, and proceeded to let us know that the reason that sign was there was due to the fact that someone had stolen the Real Estate sign from out front of the building! Since the other building has two units for sale in it, the thought occurred to us that perhaps someone from over there decided we were competition and they were going to make it harder for us to sell our place. Interestingly enough though, our agent talked to the other agents selling the other units, and one of them had their sign pilfered as well a week before that!

I mean who would steal Real Estate Signage?! Perhaps it was my BFF’s plan to thwart my move..hmmm… but I’m sure it was just some kids who had nothing better to do. Perhaps they drew mustaches on our agent’s face or are pretending it’s their Algebra teacher and are throwing darts at it!

In any case a new sign was put up – and we continue waiting for a buyer to come along. At this point I really hope it’s sooner rather than later, I’m tired of having to keep this place clean all the time!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

2 thoughts on “Who Would Steal Signs For Real Estate?

  1. you would be surprised….my husband has had issues as a realtor too! sometimes drunk kids move them and sometimes HOA's take them down according to rules and sometimes neighbors want to be a

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