Well Told Etched Maps – We’re Seeing Stars

We’re seeing stars this Mother’s Day.  It’s a cosmic idea that will make your gift to Mom out of this world!

Featuring detailed etched maps, Well Told has distinctive, well-made goods and gifts that tell your story and inspire you to live memorably. From where one grew up, to that romantic vacation, to the date and time “I Do” was said, Well Told has got you covered.

A pretty Mother’s Day option to gift to Mom is a Custom Night Sky Insulated Tumbler (20 oz for $34.50).  The tumbler in the Midnight Blue color is actually quite posh, and of course is enhanced by the constellations on it.

etched maps

This is how the customization works (it is so neat!).  You put in the location that is important to you.  Then the date and time of the event.  At this point you can choose how you want your sky elements to display as well.  

Well Told will then generate the sky map as it will look on your item.  The map will wrap entirely around it.

well told


Choosing the special day I wanted wasn’t difficult for me since I’m a mom of just one, so I used our daughter’s birthday right down to the time she was born.

I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing Mother’s Day gift this would make.  And as I thought more about it, it is certainly something that children could go in on to get a whole set for Mom.  2, 3, 4 or more tumblers (or wine tumblers, coffee mugs, water bottles; Well Told has many great products you can put the night sky maps on!) with each birthdate and time of birth on it would be such a unique gift.

And while the highlight of this gift is quite obviously the placement of the stars in the sky at the time chosen, the cup keeps beverages hot and cold really well.  It is a powder-coated 18/8 stainless steel tumbler.  I’ve been using my tumbler for a couple of weeks now and have not been disappointed with the quality of it.

Of course Well Told has a great selection of items for Mother’s Day gifts, but Father’s Day is also just around the corner, as is graduation for so many.  A unique and likely very appreciated graduation present for the 2020 college grads this year would be a gift from Well Told’s College Town Map products.  What stories they will tell about 2020 the year of quarantine, when they raise up those glasses at their 10 year reunions!  There are so many things to choose from at Well Told.  

Make sure to check out their website: https://welltolddesign.com/ to see all of their unique etched maps items.

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