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News flash: There’s an apparel shop for closet staples that are trendy and affordable at under $40, Jardin by Macris is your online boutique destination for what’s new this spring and summer.

Here are 3 pieces from their shop that I think every summer 2020 wardrobe should include.  

Take a chance on the unexpected: SIDE SLIT JUMPSUIT.  $32

Jardin by Macris

This jumpsuit is basically the best possible hybrid of casual and dressy.  Just add a belt and heels to turn this daytime suit, or beachy swimsuit cover-up to an outfit you can wear for evening drinks.

Best part of it being the color black?  It matches everything. Although, I’d be up for ordering one in every color.  I adore this jumpsuit, I requested it for a cruise, that while is now on hold we’ll hopefully eventually be taking, and it is perfect for the occasion.  The straps are adjustable so you can fit it the way you like.  Also, POCKETS.

Allow me to introduce you to the comfiest dress you’ll ever meet: LEOPARD HIGH-LOW DRESS. $32

Soft as PJs, light and airy.  

Seems weird but in summer you should actually stay covered.  Direct sun raises your body temperature, which makes you perspire more.  And keeping cool is actually about air flowing around your body, just like this breezy dress allows!  Layering with a loose dress lets you play with length.  You can rock it alone with some sandals, or tuck the top in and wear it with some capri leggings. 

The leopard back contrast and ruffled hem on the sleeves make this super playful.

Office apprope but fun: GOLDEN BUTTON DRESS. $26

I ended up loving this dress even more than I thought I would.  It will become your new MVP for those mornings where you are running late, and you’ll still look like a total boss.  Pull it on, and that’s it you’re good to go. If your office runs the AC like winter in Alaska, grab a blazer or shrug and still keep it professional.  

For the price point of these items, the quality is very nice.  Also the fit is I would say spot on.  I got each of these in a Small.  A small spans sizes 0-4.  Since I am on the lower end of that (I usually buy XS or 0/1), I feel that there was a bit of room in them, however they would fit a size 4 very nicely I think.  Also I am VERY short (4’9″) so with most people (even petites!), the items would obviously not be quite as long on the average fit.

Love your mom?  You can also up her style by getting her some fabulous items for Mother’s Day from Jardin by Macris.  

There is also a coupon code “SPRINGTIME25” for 25 percent off, so you don’t have to feel guilty about your purchase.   

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