Wearable Philanthropy by The Fabric of Humanity

When was the last time you got to participate in the beginning of a revolution? The beginning of a major change to the way we think and live? If you can’t answer that question, allow me to introduce The Fabric of Humanity. The Fabric of Humanity goes beyond the idea of fair trade for the apparel industry and instead they have created Wearable Philanthropy.Fabric of HumanityWhat is Wearable Philanthropy? It is the revolutionary way that The Fabric of Humanity is empowering not only the makers of their clothing, but their communities as well.

Specific contribution amounts are listed on the price tag of each item from The Fabric of Humanity, so customers will know exactly how much of their purchase goes to helping various community projects.  Customers will then vote on projects to watch their purchases translate to changed lives. Funding doesn’t stop after the first project on the list. Contributions are added to a fund for a number of months, and The Fabric of Humanity will fund every project that they can afford with the money raised. This approach is a grassroots way to making a difference, as the projects come directly from the community. The Fabric of Humanity is helping to write a new story for the people who are often the most affected by poverty—those working in the apparel industry.The Fabric of Humanity launched a Kickstarter campaign, and 82 backers pledged the necessary funds to make this dream a reality!  Thanks to all the support, they are going to Colombia in October to empower the seamstresses of Tadó so that all of us together can make an impact in this conflict zone community.So I’m proudly wearing my shirt* that was sewn by Beatriz, Silvia, Astrid & Alexander.  A simple act of  buying and wearing a piece of clothing can change a life!And I’m encouraging you to keep up to date with The Fabric of Humanity so when they’re ready for customers you can go beyond being a mere consumer and become an everyday philanthropist to a cause greater than yourself!  Help The Fabric of Humanity change the world, one garment at a time.

Follow The Fabric of Humanity on Twitter to get all the latest news.  I hope you visit their website when they start selling the garments and maybe even think of purchasing one as a holiday gift for a loved one – it’s like giving two gifts in one!

*Sample provided.

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