WayTaskers Review: Free iOS and Android App

There are waaay too many nights that I am up until 3AM because I’m trying to catch up on all that I need to do.  Most of those have to do with my blog.  Which leaves me with the dilemma of…do I scale back on my business or do I leave my household tasks undone?  I also have other things I want to do with my time, like spend it with my family and enjoy my hobbies.  If only I had a few clones or few extra hours every day.  But I don’t, so what’s a girl to do?

Well I recently was given the chance to check out a new app called WayTaskers.  It’s free and available for both Android and Apple phones.  It’s basically a marketplace where you can buy or sell services so that all those “tasks” you have that you don’t have time for you can hire out OR if you have an expertise in something you can offer up your services to those who need it.

You do have to register for the app and confirm your e-mail before you get started.  You’ll provide your name, e-mail, a password and your location.  Since WayTaskers is an app that provides physical tasks, your location will help match you to someone in your area for what you need done.


Once you’re registered you can see the different services offered.  It’s all broken down in neat categories from Carwashing to Office Amin duties.  Don’t see a category that fits your need?  I guess that’s what “Other” is for, maybe for tasks like dog walking 🙂


When you post your task, you’ll add information about what you’d like done, the amount you’ll pay & how you’ll pay it and you can add a photo if it is pertinent to your task.  There is the ability to leave reviews as well, so you know whom to trust to hire for your task.  Let me tell you I have PLENTY that I could post in the Office Admin or House Work categories right now 🙂


If you want to be the provider of a task you can look through the tasks posted to contact the person requesting help.  What a great way to bring in a little extra cash.


There is also a buy/sell section much like some online trading or garage sale sites you might be familiar with.


The app is pretty new, so there may not be a lot of listings in your area at the moment, but the more people who are aware of it and use it, will help fill it out.  Postings for tasks and Bids to take them are run on a credit system where you would purchase credits via Paypal in order to do that, but your first 5 credits are free when you sign up.  Who knows you could be one of the first people to grow it in your own community by posting a task or offering up your services to others.

You can learn more about WayTaskers on their website, and for a free download go to the Google Play Store for Android or the iTunes Store for Apple products running iOS 7.0 or higher. 

What task would you like to hire out using an app like this?  Or what kind of tasks would you bid on to earn some extra money?

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