Italki Review

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Language is life. As social creatures, our ability to communicate with those around us define the limits and borders of our world. Learning a foreign language not only expands our ease of travel, but expands our world, inviting in beautiful complexity of new cultures and ideas. It would be hard to argue that learning a foreign language is good for you, but of course, learning a language can be a Giant investment of time and resources. Getting books, practicing the accent, just the thought of starting learning a new language from scratch brings up images long, arduous hours spent on studying, practicing, scheduling around taking classes, and of course spending a painful amount of money. 

There is one website that has tried to fix this problem, and make learning a language (any language) as convenient and accessible as possible:

This is a service dedicated entirely to teaching you how to speak from hour one. Unlike schools that try to get their students into prolonged courses and charge a big lump-sum payment, italki serves only as a platform to find the best teacher for the student.

There are some real advantages to using italki:

•  Control of the learning process rests with the students and teachers. Once a student contacts a teacher and sets-up a session, the content of the lesson is up to the teacher in communication with student about his or her goals.

•  Flexibility of learning online is great. You can start learning from a native speaker almost instantly, without leaving your house, for only a couple dollars.

•  Cost, also, is a great advantage of learning on italki. Instead of forking over a big check to a school, you can simply browse teacher profiles for acceptable rates, and pay them for an hour session. Most importantly, if you pay on a per-session basis, the teachers have a real incentive to be helpful and maximize the benefit to the student.

It’s no wonder that people like Benny Lewis, who have made a living out of finding the best way to learn languages have very nice things to say about italki. It’s a solid product that lets you start learning to speak fast, and is definitely worth checking out:

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