Vordak the Incomprehensible – How to Grow Up and Rule the World

Guest post by Amber Litke

(Note to readers – this is a humorous book written for kids 9-12, my daughter is not really evil, nor does she really have plans (at least not to my knowledge) to grow up and rule the world)

Have you ever had grand dreams of ruling the world with an iron fist?  Have you realized that you have no money to fund your schemes, no devices to see that they work, or don’t have the ‘right’ attitude to put your plans into actions (or lack a plan at all)?  Well you no longer need to wander aimlessly!  Vordak the Incomprehensible has published a book to lead all who wish to rule the world on the right track.  The EVIL track.

You will learn pretty much everything you need to know about being evil and taking over the world.  From setting up your evil lair to creating your evil organization, to creating your new evil name and bring out your inner evil so you can actually do those previous three things.  There’s even a section on what to do when you take over the world, all though you shouldn’t read it until you have actually taken over the world.

I read it anyway because I’m evil and because I needed to so that I could complete this review.  I’m sorry.  But not.  Because I’m evil.

Now you may think because I have this book, and you might get this book, and the person two doors down from you has this book, that everyone will be hearing the same advice and nobody will rule the world.  Vordak covers this too, because he is a genius and thinks of everything.

You’ll also learn how to deal with superheroes and how to trap them in slow-acting death traps while you blab off about yoru evil plans (per regulation 7.1b of the Superhero/Supervillain Offical Rules of Etiquette).  You’ll learn about that too.

Should you decide to try and rule the world, GET THIS BOOK, but realize that you’ll never rule the world, because you’re far less evil than myself.  But you can try.


Vordak the Incomprehensible – How to Grow Up and Rule the World is available at retailers nation wide. If you have ambitions to rule the world, you can learn more at Vordak.com

 “This post was written for Vordak’s publicist minion who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review”

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  1. I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews young. I like your blog very much, and I think they will like too. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations for the blog.

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