Jeff Computers has launched version 5.0 of its StudyX customizable software which is designed to help students of all ages learn facts faster and retain them longer, hopefully having more fun in the process and make studying less tedious.

StudyX includes a variety of ways for the student to engage in studying their course material, including:

  • Study Games – Maze, Tunnel, Ping Pong, Math Practice and Multiplayer Trivia which works well in a classroom setting
  • Autopilot Study Option – Pops-up questions while students perform other computer tasks
  • Flash Cards – That can be done on screen, or printed for offline use

Out of the box, it’s pretty easy to install.  Pop the disc into your player and run the installer.  The program did crash on me once, when I was setting it up, but I’ve had no problems with it since.

Once it was up and running it wasn’t difficult to input our own information.  (StudyX comes with a large study database for foreign languages, history, math, science and social studies).

Other ways of studying including the games and flash cards, are by multiple choice and fill in the blank. The questions are generated automatically by the program, so once you have input the information there is no more work to be done!  The student just chooses which format they would like to study with, and the software does the rest.

We’ve tried several different types of study software in our home over the years, most of them being geared toward children.  The difference with StudyX is that it can cover a variety of subjects, where most of the others we’ve purchased in the past have been subject oriented, say for spelling or math.

StudyX on the other hand while comprehensive for subject matter, on the game front is a bit stilted. Amber likes using the multiple choice and flash card mode for her French studying, but as part of a generation of students growing up with Wiis, PS3s and graphic intensive gaming, the games were not appealing for her to study with. 

A relatively inexpensive investment at $39.99, StudyX is free to try for 30 days, and can be bought at, and other online retailers.  There is so much more that StudyX can do that I didn’t mention in this post, so I encourage you to download the trial version to see if it would work in your homeschool, or for your children or classroom.  StudyX works on Windows XP/Vista/7 and newer.  If you are an existing customer you can upgrade your program for free by simply downloading the new version.

 “This post was written for Family Review Network & StudyX who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review”

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