Vitalicious Banana ChocoChip VitaTops Review

I love Vitalicious VitaTops.  They make a perfect breakfast or snack.  I still count points on the Weight Watchers system nine years after I started the program, and these fit perfectly into my daily routine since they are only 1 point each.  There are 17 flavors of VitaTops, and one of the newest that just came out this month is the Banana ChocoChip.

I have had tried almost all of the VitaTop flavors and I honestly say that this new one is my favorite.  I have always liked the flavor of banana in a baked good, and the addition of the chocolate flavor is marvelous.  It compliments the banana so well without making the VitaTop too sweet.  I found from the first to the last VitaTop in the package, that each one was moist too.

VitaTops are only 100 calories, low in fat (the Banana ChocoChip has only 1 gram of fat!), high in fiber (9 grams in this variety!), plus protein, whole grains and they are fortified with 15 vitamins and minerals.  They are best preserved in the freezer and thaw in 30 minutes at room temperature.  No time to wait?  Then you can put them in the microwave or the toaster if you need to be on your way quicker.

To learn more about the Banana ChocoChip VitaTops visit

I received samples of these VitaTops from Vitalicious for review.

1 thought on “Vitalicious Banana ChocoChip VitaTops Review

  1. Wow! I didn't know about this flavor! I've heard so much about VitaTops, but have never tried them. This might be the reason I buy my first package!

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