Learn a Second Language with Little Pim

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I grew up in an environment where I heard German all the time.  Both my parents immigrated from Germany and so it was my mom and dad’s natural way of thinking and speaking.  When I began school I also had the opportunity to take French, which I did all the way up to 10th grade.

I’m a little sad that my daughter didn’t have those same opportunities.  She got a little bit of Spanish in grade school, but not enough to do much more than to know colors and numbers. 

Now that we homeschool and the college my daughter is planning on attending wants credits for two years of a foreign language, we decided French would be her best bet.

Little Pim, even though made for babies and toddlers, has been a big help in my teaching my daughter basic French words and phrases.  I retained quite a bit of the French I took in school, but because I didn’t use it for so many years I am a bit rusty.  The Little Pim language DVDs are excellent because of their repetitive nature, associating sight to words and because the pronunciation is clear and easy to understand.  After watching the first DVD over and over again, my daughter can make full sentences, that are useful.  Food and eating utensils and things like that.   She then proceeded to work through the rest of the DVDs in the set.   Not having any prior knowledge of French, I’d say the DVD series is successful.  She is now watching the new 5th DVD in the series, learning about emotions and feelings – happy, sad and silly.

Little Pim now has books in their line up too.  The books are geared for young children, but they are a good resource for anyone learning the basics of a foreign language.  They feature flaps that open and close that associate the colors with objects.  They are also ‘tri-lingual’ books, so they are English, French and Spanish all in one. 

Even though my daughter is a sophomore in high school, she likes using this as part of her French class – and really appreciates that a phonetic pronunciation is included in the typeset.

To learn more about Little Pim and how it can help your children learn a foreign language visit www.littlepim.com.

I received samples of these products from Little Pim for review.

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  1. This is so interesting! I have never known a grade school in Florida to offer a foreign language!

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