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My regular readers know that my daughter is huge into art.  Right now she’s studying in the school of Arts & Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas and majoring in video game design.  But what she’s learning could take her in any number of directions once she graduates from college, including animation and illustrating.  My eyes are always on the lookout for things she would find interesting and would enjoy and I just recently became aware of the book “Vanishing Ink.”

You can watch a video of it by clicking on the picture below (the page will open up in a new window).

Vanishing Ink is about a washed-up magician who has to save the world from disappearing.  <– Totally up my daughter’s alley.  But what really stood out to me was that Disney & DreamWorks storytellers are raving about this book.  So I took a peek at some of the illustrations, and I can see why. 

They are very much in the vein of both companies style and the characters are really compelling.

For parents you’ll be interested to know that  the content in this book is clean. There’s no sexual content or violence and the book teaches an excellent moral in an entertaining style.  Really what more could you ask for?  The reading level is geared for ages 9-12, but parents can read it to younger children, and teens and adults will probably like it too 🙂

About The Author
Scott Wiser, is a character animator for film, games, and (story-driven) commercials. His ultimate goal is to develop feature films with stories that change lives. Traditionally, books are the perfect place to start! The first book he self-published received some positive reviews, but he knew he could do much better with Vanishing Ink, so he put in the intense study and years of work to make it happen.

Here’s the thing though…Scott is looking to fund this project to put the book into publication.  Good, clean, age appropriate and interesting reading material for kids can sometimes be difficult to find, and here’s someone producing it!  For as little as a dollar you can help Scott reach his goal of $12,000 so that Vanishing Ink can get published and into the hands of kids.  You can learn more about this Kickstarter project and help fund it here:

Do you think your kids would be interested in this book?

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