Using Synvisc-One for Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is widely recognized as one of the most problematic diseases affecting joints. Although it has been around for quite a while, scientists are still not certain what cause it. To make matters worse, we still do not have a solution that will restore patient’s health.

This is one of many different forms of arthritis. It affects patient’s joints by destroying cartilage. It can be quite debilitating. Like with many other illnesses, initial symptom is pain. As the time goes by, osteoarthritis creates large swelling around the joint and it commonly deforms it. These symptoms, as problematic as they are, are not the main reason why people fear this disease. Nature of osteoarthritis can have devastating effect on cartilage, leading to loss of motion.

Our body is a perfect system. It has high level of regeneration allowing us to quickly replenish lost cells and retain functionality of different tissues. However, in some situations, body is not able to restore these cells. One such condition is osteoarthritis. It destroys cartilage cells, leaving bones naked. As the time goes by, large amounts of friction will start destroying bone tissue. Simply put, without cartilage, bones are useless. After a while, due to loss of bone structure, patient will no longer be able to move.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis
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There are different theories that try to explain osteoarthritis. Doctors usually start from genetic traits. If a parent of a child has this disease, the child will probably suffer from it as well. This can give us a potential cause but it doesn’t give us enough information that will allow us to protect ourselves. As the time went by, scientists discovered that people who are performing certain jobs or have certain hobbies, are more likely to lose tissue at a rapid rate. These jobs often involve a lot of arduous, repetitive joint movement. Likely, diet, bad habits and excessive weight can all have a role in developing osteoarthritis. It is known that people with a good diet and strong bones are less likely to have issues with this disease. Specialists from Doctor Medica think that lack of moderate movement can make joints and surrounding muscles soft. This can pose a great danger during daily activities because joints will be unable to handle the pressure and perform certain tasks.

Whatever may be the case, treatment of osteoarthritis starts with a physical therapy. Entire process needs to be performed under a watchful eye of a certified physiotherapist. Activity should strengthen affected area and yet, it shouldn’t create too much pressure which will lead to additional destruction of cells. Introduction of calcium and vitamins can help as well. Smoking, drinking and anything else that depletes the body from important matters is strictly forbidden.

Drugs such as Synvisc are a supplement for basic therapy. Medicine is used for knee osteoarthritis. When injected into tissue, it creates a protective layer. This substance should provide relief to your knees and reduce pressure. By using it, patient may also reduce accompanying symptoms such as pain and swelling.

*The content in this post is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Should you need such professional advice, consult your primary care physician or other medical specialist.

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