Amazing Fashion Tips from Real New Yorkers

Not only Paris is called the capital of fashion that is full of fashionable people who somehow get the idea how to look amazingly good without much effort. That is probably not so natural after all because there are many cities around the globe what can be proud of their fashionistas too. And one of these cities is New York. Want to know what it is like to dress like one of these people living in it? Then read these few tips from real New Yorkers and open up your fashion horizons instantly! You will be amazed how easy is to look fashionable around the world and in NYC!

Black is not back!

Some time ago, some people were saying that black is definitely going back to runways and streets too. But then you take a quick look at fashionable New Yorkers, you might start to think differently! Black is cool if it is one piece, small but strong. But wearing an outfit that is all black is not considered fashionable anymore… In some places at least. For many years, people tried to sell an all-black ensemble as a standard issue New York uniform. But that is not true at all! It will only make you look outdated and dull. So better stick with blacks for winter and better try to look for unique pieces that show your personality! And not only in all black!

Cover your head. Always

Another super fashionable tip is to always wear something on your head. Hats and fedoras in the sun, beanies in winter – that is all you really need to know! No matter your gender or what season it is, in New York a hat always works. So you can definitely try to pull real New Yorkers look at home and invest into some nice hats! A hat is the kind of accessory that finishes up any outfit a few notches. It can be in color, it can be plain – it can be in your unique sense of style. If it is a hat – you are one step closer to being a New Yorker (at least style wise). 1424609111qc4u9Actually, Nordstrom is a pretty New-York-like store where you can find some fun hats to complement your style. (And now you can invest in it much less with some Nordstrom coupons from So get that hat and go out!

Mix colors and prints

Another tip, New Yorkers with a great sense of style will give you, is to mix prints and colors and to look as much effortless as possible. You can bravely have fun and mix bright colors with animals’ prints or match neon colors together too. Everything works pretty well if it creates a look that you just woke up and pull everything on you without even looking. Although it might seem effortless but it sometimes can take a lot of time. You will get that skill soon, I believe. But the most important tip I have for you is to relax and let your imagination go wild while dressing up! That is how New Yorkers do!fashion tipsMix feminine pieces with masculine

And finally, pull a sweet and romantic summer dress and finish a look with a leather jacket or long boots. It will create sweet but thought resemble that New Yorkers love to make. And it also works on every girl, no matter size, shape or even age! Also, a real woman from this metropolis always wears heels. So should you too, if you are trying to pull this look. The higher, the chunkier, and the louder, the better! Celebrate femininity and toughen up it with some masculine pieces to create unique and strong everyday look. Just like an ordinary woman from NYC.

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