Travel Safety & Security Tips from the Live Secure Safety Squad + Giveaway

Three Different Directions was compensated for writing this post as part of Master Lock’s Live Secure Safety Squad.   All opinions are those of the writer.

Having traveled around the world from luxury accommodations in Switzerland to make shift cabins in Africa,  I’ve picked up a number of traveling tips in my years.  In my younger years I traveled with little thought to safety as I made my way around the globe.  As I’ve gotten older (and hopefully wiser!), I’ve learned that you can never be *too* careful when it comes to your personal safety and your belongings when you’re traveling.

Travel Safety Tip #1: Secure your belongings

  • Always use a lock on your bags – Master Lock TSA-Accepted Luggage Locks not only keep your belongings safe on route to your destination while allowing airport security access to inspect, they also keep your items out of sight in hotel rooms or other areas when you are not around to keep an eye on them yourself.

Travel Safety Tip #2: Lock up your credit cards, cash, jewelry and passport

  • Pickpockets love tourists that aren’t savvy.  Don’t ever carry your wallet in your back pocket or hang a small purse where someone can have access to it.  You may very well think that no one would be able to rob you without you noticing, but they are stealthy..and often children!  Consider using an RFID protect bag that you can wear under your shirt around your neck or a money belt that is secured in the front of you that you can cover with your shirt.
  • If you have to leave those items in a hotel room lock them up in a Portable Personal Safe, this is useful even if the hotel has a provided safe (it’s never bad to have your items overly secured).  But if the room doesn’t have a safe this is ideal.  The personal safe includes a cable to wrap securely around a fixed object or use as a carrying handle.

Travel Safety Tip #3: Keep a record of your important information elsewhere

  • While it’s always encouraged to make copies of things like your credit card back so you have the phone number in case you lose it or have it stolen, and a notarized copy of your passport if traveling overseas, you can store digital copies of those documents in a free account on the Master Lock Vault.  You can access it through a mobile device app or through an internet browser any time of the day or night, anywhere if you have a internet connection.  Completely secure it’s like having a safety deposit box in the cloud while you are away from home.


There are plenty of other products available from Master Lock that help you stay secure while traveling, but the three on this list will start you out for traveling safely in the future.

What are your top travel safety items?

5 People will win a TSA Approved Master Lock and Personal Portable Safe!

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