Tips for Newlyweds to Help Start Their Marriage Off Securely – A Vlog Brought to You By Master Lock

I am a member of the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad. This has been a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I’m sure many of you have plans to attend a wedding (or two, or three!) this summer, and with June upon us the season of “I Do” has begun.  Did you also know that June is National Safety Month?
Wedding season started early for me.  Last month I had the opportunity to travel to my nephew’s wedding in Canada and it got me thinking about some tips that Master Lock shared with the Live Secure Safety Squad about important safety and security precautions newlyweds should consider as they embark on married life.
This month Master Lock asked me to create a video sharing some of those tips, and I was even able to include a few photos from my nephew’s wedding as well as recommend some Master Lock products in my vlog. Take a look at a few ways you can help some newlyweds start their marriage off securely with the help of Master Lock.

Getting married should be a positive time in new couples’ lives, and committing to their spouse and relationship is a significant milestone. As in other areas of life, marriage is full of ups and downs. Planning for the long-term, discussing goals, compromising and making sacrifices are all important steps to creating a happy and strong foundation together.
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