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Painting Lulu is the only Coloring Book that comes with a Digital Crayon and App, allowing your kids to color anytime, anywhere! Scan colored pages using innovate patent pending technology and watch them reappear in the App! Note: Digital Crayon color may vary. Product does not come with traditional crayons. Download the “Painting Lulu Coloring Book “App for FREE from the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store or Google Play Store.

When my sister needs my nephews to be quiet and occupied, that is when she gives them tablet time.  But she doesn’t only want them playing games all the time.  I was recently introduced to the Painting Lulu Paper-to-Digital Coloring Pack and I know it’s something that would be great for my nephews’ tablet time.

Painting Lulu is both a traditional coloring book and a digital coloring book in one product.  When you purchase a Painting Lulu book you receive a 32-page book & free digital crayon.  Then you download the FREE “Painting Lulu” app through the Apple app store/Google play/Amazon Appstore.  Then select a page from your “Meet Lulu” coloring book that you have colored (or partially colored) and scan it using the scan feature on your “Painting Lulu” app. A digital version of the same page you colored (or are in the process of coloring) will appear in the app, ready to continue coloring in the app where you left off on the paper!Lulu and her friends are all recyclable consumer goods that represent a part of the life cycle of environmentally friendly products.  So the coloring pages are also a great way to teach children about reusing and recycling raw materials for their future and for the good of the Earth.

I used my iPad 2 along with the coloring book and the app to check it out.  I find this idea incredibly unique.  I did have some troubles getting the page I began coloring scanned and imported into the app.  It took me a number of tries to do it successfully.  I would think that it might be difficult for younger children to do that (although maybe in light of all the technology kids use these days, it may actually be easier for them to do it than it was for me!?!). The colors on the tablet once scanned in weren’t very vibrant either.  Both of those above things though, could completely have been user error, as scanning and colors could be dependent on the light source, and it may be possible that the room we were coloring in, just wasn’t bright enough to get the image quickly and the colors vivid.

While those two issues with the app befuddled us, it has some other fun features that we thought were extremely neat. One of them is the ability to use the Photo Booth to make your own coloring pages of anything you can take a picture of with your device’s camera. Or you can use the regular still pictures and just draw on them.  (Yes, that does mean your children can draw horns on their siblings or mustaches on Mom 🙂 ).

Despite the problems we had with the scanning, I think the Painting Lulu coloring & activity books are a terrific creative accessory for your tablets.  While they also work on phones, the bulky stylus crayon does not make fine coloring easy, which I think would be even more difficult to achieve on a smaller phone screen.  Kids can create colorful pictures both physically and digitally and add to them in creative ways with the crayon, paint or marker settings.

When the children are done with their pictures they can share their colorful pages of art with friends and family (with permission of course!) with just one-click.Buy Now! for $9.99 on

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